Blog # 193        THE NUCLEAR SYLLABLE

Much credit can be given to contemporary atomic science for the universal understanding that the element of size is unrelated to ultimate functional significance. The infinitesimally tiny object called the atom, which can be discerned only with the employment of a specialized microscope, or by the performance of a demonstrative experiment is in fact, the basic essential building block of all known matter.

Such empirical observation concerning the irrelevance of size applies in an analogous fashion to the subject of man’s elective action and his choice of spoken words. It is our proposition that the miniscule combination of two letters, forming the single syllable, “re” is a vitally important instrument, and an instructive caution against irrational behavior [Please temporarily reserve your understandable reaction to this exotic proposition.]

With the sole exception of purely reflexive responses, all human action necessarily follows some precedential motivational thought, rational or irrational, fleeting or carefully considered. Clearly, thought, on whatever level, is the forerunner to one’s choice of action or language; the dynamics of thought, which inarguably is expressed in the medium of privately articulated words, naturally precedes all voluntary action and choice of words.

In common with everything else, words are constructed of smaller units, universally termed syllables. As a necessary corollary to the known premise that thought, in some fashion, precedes action and speech, we have observed that one especially singular syllable. “re” is not only linguistically useful, but is also mandatorily necessary for acceptable human interaction; this nuclear syllable has always been an indispensable tool for civilized behavior, and by empirical extension, the existence of society.

We have singled out for special recognition, the invaluable syllable, “re,”; though modest in size, it has afforded to man the choice of behaviors; it is an ever-present reminder that we have evolved to practice the rational deliberative behavior required to live in society. Promoting civility, identification with others, empathy, appropriateness, consideration, accuracy, relevance, clarity, as well as the many other criteria for effective and societally necessary behavior. The ability to audit, edit or amend our intention, prior to what may be a rash act or foolish choice of speech, is a unique talent attributable to our advanced intelligence, the generous and valuable gift of evolution.

Such cautionary and advisory syllable (re) thus, is an effective emergency brake on impulsive, rash behavior and on ill-considered speech. It serves as a cogent reminder of the preferable option of thoughtful consideration, offers the opportunity to make a correction in the event of failure and the possibility of the amendment of erroneous supposition; It is the guide to enlightenment and the motivation for growth, a promoter of harmony and an antidote to enmity; it is a “look before you leap.”

Support for our expansive proposition is found by thoughtful reference to the following illustrative sample of words. prefaced by this nuclear syllable: revisit, rethink, reconsider, reconfigure, recalibrate, recreate, renegotiate, reedit, restate, reimagine, reexplore. Such words, containing the nuclear syllable are potent behavioral guides for all who strive for positive outcomes, for truth and societal advancement and for peace. The nuclear syllable is a reflection of mature judgment borne of empirical experience and experienced maturity.







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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

2 thoughts on “Blog # 193        THE NUCLEAR SYLLABLE”

  1. How could I be ever forgiven
    For the Birthday of the Man
    I have miserably forgotten
    Poor me I feel like a caveman

    What can I do to make it up ?
    May be a nice teacup ???

    Happy Birthday Uncle Lenny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. The following is my most favorite poem by him. Unfortunately so much lost in translation.

    “O friend, come, let us not consume tomorrow’s grief,
    and let us count as gain this one moment’s cash:
    tomorrow when we pass away from the face of the earth
    we shall be level with those of seven thousand years ago.”


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