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It would otherwise, be just be another early, Kingston morning, but this morning, perceptibly, the woodland seems to evince a repressed hush of expectant joy, in its anticipation of the advent of a familiar, perennial event. The chilled winds and blankets of white snow have, recently, and mercifully, removed to another venue, the air is refreshing, moist, electric, and comfortably, cool.

Soon to occur will be the Planet-nourishing showers, prompting winter-naked, branches to leaf and awakening the still-sleeping forest critters, alike, furry and smooth-skinned, from their wintery somnolence. Steady downpours will soon fall, with mellifluous, tympanic sounds on the freshly emerged, green arboreal leaves, refilling the dry streambeds and rock crevices and offering universal refreshment to the surging flora and the soon to be awakened and reenergized fauna.  

On a coming, morning, one can espy the early, blooming, emergence of a plethora of tiny, multi-colorful, crocus,  tender bulbs, and daffodils, strategically, located to facilitate the performance of their annual responsibility of seasonal reconnaissance of the new ambiance, to reassure the safety and timeliness of the arrival of larger perennial plants and flowers.

At such a preliminary stage of the new season, astonishment would be appropriate, in response to the sudden, kaleidoscopic, spectacle of multiple species of returning migratory birds, flying about or roosting in the trees, having magically, appeared, as if the woodlands were suddenly photoshopped, or computerized; yet, their sundry songs, chirps, and trills, lend mellifluous assurances of empirical reality.

A joyful, seasonal sight, is the re-emergence of the small forest denizens, the tactically, stationary bunny rabbits, the scampering, furry-tailed, squirrels and most entertainingly, the small, fur-striped, eternally, playful chipmunks, who remarkably, appear to prefer cavorting and high-jinx, to eating and filling their expandable round cheeks with tasty berries, seeds, and acorns.

Our cheek is the surprised, recipient of a floating, tiny, blue and white wing feather, serving the office of a soft, tactual cue, that the time has arrived to purchase the patio flowers.


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