In January, the United States intelligence services spied a large, white-colored balloon, hovering over the territory of the U.S., apparently, having entered by way of the Aleutian Islands, Canada, and then Idaho. The high altitude, guided, object, was identified and, as will be described, below, timely, dispatched over the Atlantic Ocean, off the Coast of South Carolina.

This writing is not intended to concern itself, as much, with China’s inarguably, improper incursion over, and trespass on. the airspace of the United States, nor the presumably, ongoing, mutual programs of spying between the two involved Nations (and others) as it does, with the telling right-wing, Republican, perception and response to the event.

It has been universally, noted, that the contemporaneous, iteration of the Republican Party, has not, as is appropriate, in a constitutional, two-party political system, engaged in the duty to responsibly, champion political and social policy, deemed preferable, to the tenets of the other party. In fact, it has been empirically, observed that the members of said party have refrained from the establishment of any proffered policies at all. The sole preoccupation has appeared to be, the respective, perpetuation of their respective political office, by the censure of  Democratic opponents, most particularly, President Biden, by any means, conceivable, ranging from subjectively, created perception to paranoid conspiracy ideation. In the dystopian, political MAGA (Trump) world, “facts” are not respected for their informing, and useful, accuracy, but, conversely, for their political, utility.

House and Senate Republicans, catering to their large, submissive, population of irresponsible, MAGA adherents, expended little time, or personal concern, regarding the serious, National implications of the recent, dangerously, aggressive, incursion into the United States air space, by Communist China. Instead, they reflexively sought to excoriate the Democrats particularly President Joe Biden, for his allegedly, prolonged inaction, in informing the American population and asserted delay in shooting down the Chinese spy balloon. It may be recalled that Biden was reflexively, blamed for America’s high price of gasoline and for the Nation’s general inflation. The army of, uninformed, and/ or cynical Republican critics, expended little thought, on the concomitant existence, of the state of general inflation on a worldwide nature, inclusive of the (worldwide) increase in the price of fuel. It is also, a matter of unfathomable, mystery as to the purported, attributed influence, of the American Presidency, upon the elements of cost, refinement and delivery of Middle East oil.

Senator Marco Rubio, for example, was among the partisan, outspoken Republican critics, who, in their pious, devotion to the imperial, NRA, and demonstrated, fraternity with America’s shameful, inventory of devoted, gun-toting, sycophants, complained that the offending balloon should have been shot down, immediately, and not, as, irresponsibly, maintained, delayed.

The well-worn, process of blaming President Biden for matters, over which he has, as President, little or no control, was memorably experienced in the Nation’s long overdue, withdrawal from Afghanistan, the brainchild of Republican, President, George W. Bush. Such withdrawal was promised by several U.S. Presidents, but, finally and dutifully, accomplished by Biden, who, was blamed for the ungraceful withdrawal; the latter, an, assured and inevitable result for any of the previous Presidents, had they kept their promise to withdraw from that problematic Nation, historically, termed, “The graveyard of Empires.”

The objective facts, of the relevant matter, indisputably, indicate that President Biden, being, seasonably, apprised of the offending spy balloon, immediately, consulted with his military and other relevant experts. The elected decision was,  in the interest of prudence and compassion, to wait until the same floated over the Atlantic Ocean, toward which it was steadily heading, before shooting it down, to avoid injury to American citizens, from the thousands of pounds of fallen debris. Biden’s critics should find no error in such a wise and humanistic decision. Nonetheless, Republican partisan politics, in recent years, appear not to be constrained by the existence of inconvenient, facts, nor considerations of citizen empathy.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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