Blogpost # 865 GRIFTER- IN- CHIEF

It is empirically, accurate to describe the former President, Donald J. Trump, as “the grift, that keeps on giving.” In addition to his demonstrated incapability and lack of moral compass, about which we have copiously written, we have come to realize that the scale and magnitude of his neurotic fantasy is so profound and extensive, as to be comparable only, to that described in the folktale of “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” In the folktale, a self-indulgent and delusional Emperor, despite the fact that he was appearing in public, stark naked, was convinced that he was fully dressed in magical clothes.

Our bizarre and shameless, past President, it seems, was not only a disparager of empirical fact, in favor of his alternate, subjective (pathological) version of reality, but we now realize, an exemplification of the sort of dementia in which basic, reality orientation is pathologically, lacking or, sporadic at best. His lack of reality orientation, in service to his delusional or self-serving perspective of reality, would seem to partly, explain his opposition to personally, unwanted but realistic fact. It was in this, subjective, context that we, early on, in his Presidential term, understood his serial mendacity and his expressed falsehoods.

The informed citizen, who came to understand that Trump was, factually, far from the successful real estate executive and estimable entrepreneur, that he publically presumed to be. In addition to losses on the substantial realty, inherited from his father, he courted successive and sixteen, telling, business failures in his presumptuous ventures, including, “Trump Steaks,” “Trump Vodka,” “Trump Mortgage Co,” “Trump Board Game,” “Trump Airlines,” “Trump Magazine,” and three Atlantic City Casinos. We know of no American President who was, thus as commercial as an Arab shook, and, by the way, disastrously failed at every enterprise. Despite a demonstrable and colossal demonstration of failure and incompetence, Donald Trump held himself out, publically, and, contextually, believed (fantasized) that he was the avatar of entrepreneurship; and his ignorant and deluded, sycophants so believed. This deceitful grifter has deluded, and led, the Republican Party, incredibly, for upwards of six years; and still, somehow, maintains a controlling influence, therein.

We are immensely curious to see if such unusual, state of facts will endure, after his demonstrably, bizarre and insanely delusional acts of the past week; as stated above, being on a rational par with the character and mentality of the King, in the children’s tale, “The Emperor’s New Clothes. It will be, recalled, that in the latter story, the deluded King, went about his Kingdom, stark naked, being falsely of the delusion, that he was attired in Royal finery, produced by his expert tailors.

As diagnostically, revelatory, as the tale’s deluded, buck-naked King’s break with reality, the known, delusional, past President, proceeded to publically, further reveal the extent of his own psychotic aberration, by initially, (1) declaring that he was the best of the American Presidents, including Lincoln and Jefferson, and then, (2) proceeding, to advertise for public sale at $99.00 each, digital photos of himself, variously costumed and photo-shopped, as a Marvel Studios “Super Hero,” with all manner of comic book hero costumes, Iron Man, and many other Super Heroes, displaying their applicable, creative and bizarre variations, viz., laser beam eyes and other phantasmagoric powers.

That this absurd business venture is highly irregular and mentally deranged, and, like all Trump entrepreneurial ventures, will resoundingly, fail, is, predictable. What this voluntarily, broadcasted, and spontaneously, offered insight, to the unfathomed, depth of Trump’s, bizarre, delusional ideation, is especially, terrifying.


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