Blogpost # 857      “TOLERANCE,”AN ARROGANT CONCEPT: Redux

Not unlike the positive serendipity, of an amateur fossil hunter successfully, excavating a fully, intact, pre-historic fossil, the unearthing of a singular word, whose referential antonym, is as equally, distasteful as it’s comparative, is, we feel, especially, notable.

 Any thoughtful analysis of the word, “tolerance,” would reveal its intrinsic dynamic to be necessarily, arrogant and bigoted, in every sense. It is thoughtlessly, used, to denote a designated, socially interactive virtue, purportedly, extolling the humanistic trait of acceptance; but any truly thoughtful or metaphysical analysis of the logical import of the noun, will reveal the context of an unwarranted, assumption of a judicial role and the supposed virtue of such authoritative, approval.  However, the metaphysical concept behind mutual acceptance and universal goodwill, would logically, and ethically, seem to exclude the arrogant exercise of self- appropriated, judgmental authority.

The recent horrific, sociopathic attacks upon innocent, transgender Americans provided the impetus for our present reprise of this writing on the subject (“redux”) of “tolerance.” The word, recognizeably, is both presumptuous and intolerantly, bigoted. For example, does the fact, that the plurality, of American citizens, happen to be white, translate into white being the approved, societal, or intrinsic (as distinguished from statistical) norm? Does a member of the plurality of white citizens, as such, enjoy a higher or more acceptable status, due to such computation,  than the arithmetical minority of non-whites? Would such a neurotic and self-serving, assumption (as based upon population numbers, only), vest authority in members of the majority, superior status than others who are not majoritarian? Does numerical advantage, logically, ethically, or morally, authorize whites to create their own, reductionist criteria, for acceptability? Why, in the “land of the free,” should any numerical, minority of human beings, thereby, appropriately, require any “tolerance” or forbearance, from the majority?

In this context, how can the violent, pathological attacks, by, assertively, disturbed, heterosexual, oriented individuals, (the most numerous societal class) upon transgender, American citizens, be apprehended, as anything other than, deranged and criminally pathological. The bigoted perpetrators, perhaps, in vain pursuit of buttressing their fragile feelings of societal acceptance, have no standing as enforcers of the, purported, “normal;” nor, arguendo, would they have, theoretically, any rational, authority or standing, to be “tolerant,” of the minority. No individual possesses the sane as known, authority to, either charitably, accept, nor intolerantly disapprove of, (let alone, terrorize) dissimilar groups of citizens.

Gender identity, as known, is the product of the chemical interplay between hormones and chromosomes, in the developing fetus. It, like skin color, is inarguably, inherited, by natural happenstance, as distinguished from volitional, selection. It requires emphatic repetition, that medical science has uniformly and resoundingly, disproven past theories holding that gender identity is essentially, “binary,” i.e., male and female. Moreover, it is an empirical fact that many newborn infants are medically, diagnosed, as not, exclusively, falling into such two limited and defined categories.

Accordingly, the informed citizen should not find it be culturally, or biologically, remarkable, that some relatively, minor percentage of individuals, exhibit behavior and express their personal gender identity, in a manner, inconsistent with their officially assigned sex, at the time of birth. Perception, of aberrant or defective status, in such cases are erroneous and ignorant and should furnish no sane or rational basis, for social exclusion, or recrimination.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, we would enthusiastically, recommend, the use of the themed, word, “intolerance,” to describe the appropriate, reaction to any deranged, individuals who would choose to perpetrate societal violence.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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