America’s political spotlight is brightly, focused on the Georgia Senatorial, run-off election, between the Democrat, Rev. Raphael Warnock, and the Republican, Herschel Walker. The political context is crucially important in that, the outcome will affect the dynamics of the next U.S. Senate.

Aside from the election’s political significance, Donald Trump’s selection of Hershel Walker to run against the incumbent, Senator Warnock, was revelatory of the typical sophomoric intelligence and atavistic tactics of stereotypical bigotry, and personally, productive of frustration and anger. Such unsophisticated and  “bull in a china shop,” tactics, consisting of selecting a black candidate (notably, a famous athlete) to run against the black Georgia incumbent, was another iteration of Trump’s arrogantly, cynical and reductive tactics, and demonstrative of the ignorant, mind-set of the bigot.

The legal lexicon includes a contextually, useful word, i.e. “fungible,” applicable to goods or items which are identical and therefore, easily replaceable. Some examples of fungible items are dollar bills, ears of corn, coal, subway tokens, common shares of stock (in the same corporation), ordinary paper clips, tickets of admission to a particular movie and a myriad of other interchangeable items. It is to be emphatically observed, and an empirically, indisputable fact that each human being is unique and the conceptual antithesis of “fungible.”

It is in the typical, ignorant and reductive inclination of the stereotypic bigot, albeit, without rational or reasonably, experiential basis, to ascribe subjectively, selected, stereotypic traits and behavioral inclinations (usually negative) to those who look different or believe differently from them.  Thus, the selection of a black candidate to run against the black, incumbent, Senator, would seem to other American bigots, a wise, tactical, exercise of the (cesspool level) intelligence of Donald Trump

Bigots subjectively, perceive America’s communities of black people as oversexed, basketball players who eat watermelon and are indolent; Jews are seen by them, to be devious, inscrutable, rich and cunning, homosexuals as aspiring to the conversion of recruits to homosexuality. Liberal intellectuals are perceived by them, to be child- abusers and communists. Vaccination is a deep state plot, in league with big pharma, to make profits on the hapless public. Hispanics, especially, Mexicans, are perceived, as flooding into America, for governmental, “benefits”, and to “steal the jobs of regular, hard-working, Americans. Our former President, in his inimitably, odious manner, and with the faux confidence of a snake oil huckster, described the needy Hispanic immigrants, as “caravans” of “rapists,” and “criminals,” albeit, never having met any of those folks he wrongfully, and ignorantly, slandered.

As declared, no human being, can empirically, or rationally, be understood as “fungible,” viz., equally characterized and mutually, interchangeable, like dollar bills or ears of corn. This inarguable principle is empirically, universal and eternal. Nevertheless, it may be of interest, and within the context and specific circumstances of this writing, to briefly, reflect on the diverse persona of both candidates.   

Pastor Warnock, we understand, is the possessor of two graduate degrees in Divinity and an educated, literate and well-informed, American citizen. He is the present Pastor of the Church in which Martin Luther King, Jr. himself, served, and is an avid supporter of liberal causes, civil rights and democracy. We, candidly, know little else about him, nevertheless, from what we do know, we would perceive him to most resemble the preferred persona of the educated, mainstream American citizen.

Herschel Walker, to our information, by sheer contrast, has traits apprehended by us to be in confirmation of that portion of the Nation, which, unlike Rev. Warnock is anti-intellectual, reductive, violent in behavior and anti-democratic. From reports broadcasted and printed by the responsible media, he has a long record of domestic violence, publically, emphatically, and voluntarily, confirmed, by his son, inclusive of menacing his wife by putting a pistol to her head. He reportedly has paid for a number of abortions, necessitated by his sordid history of marital infidelity. It does not escape notice that his sponsoring, Republican, party has taken an absolute stand against abortion, having seen to it that SCOTUS overturned the fifty-year-old, precedential case of Roe v. Wade.

The character of the semi-literate and physically, violent Walker, evinces a persona that would be favored by those Americans we have, customarily, labeled as the “underbelly.” The character, intellect and persona of Rev. Warnock, would seem, to be the sort, consistently, preferred by mainstream Americans (of all races), to the gross, anti-intellectual and irresponsible character of Walker. The parties, apparently, have little or nothing, noteworthy, in common.

It has eternally, appeared, to be characteristic of the standard bigot, to facilely, harbor, and ultimately, bequeath, tactically selected, ubiquitously, false stereotypes of “others.”  In the context of this consistent, social aberration, bigots resemble each other, by their uniform ignorant and reductive, hatred of “others,” if not to the impossible, extent of being “fungible,” to, at the very least, the attainment of the deplorable status of, stereotypical, “racists.”   


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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