Blogpost # 849                              “ABIDIN” WITH JOSEPH BIDEN (political editorial)

The relief of return to normalcy, engendered by the election of Joseph (“Joe”) Biden, to the American Presidency, following the bizarre, and shameful, four-year train wreck, of the twice- impeached, Donald J. Trump, was anticipated with celebratory relief, by most mainstream American citizens.

One recalls the admirable and responsible, “take charge,” stance of Biden, regarding the pandemic, immediately following his inauguration; in his forthright and empathic promotion of the advice of the Nation’s medical experts, regarding vaccination, “masking” and mandatory limitations in interactive socialization. Biden’s Presidential encouragement helped prevent considerable infection and saved an untold number of human lives. The same can be contrasted, memorably, with his predecessor’s ignorance and intended, populist-reductionist approval, by the downplaying of the deadly epidemic, together with his bizarre, recommendation of cure by the salubrious ingestion of common household cleaning fluids. Reportedly, a great many of Trump supporters loyally refrained from taking the medically approved vaccine, and, instead, self-administered a popular horse wormer; the ingestion of which, no doubt, added great profits to the relevant veterinary medicine companies while being irrelevant to the virus. The previous reductive ignorance and irresponsibility of Trump caused a great increase in unnecessary infection and consequent mortality.

Prior to our review of the many (additional) accomplishments in the relatively short period, of the Biden Administration to date, we would choose to explain our motivation for writing this political essay. We have taken note of the somewhat, modest standing, in the media-reported polls concerning President Biden. The explanation, universally given is, in reality, entirely and frustratingly, preposterous. The common media attribution of a less than desirable, poll standing of Biden, is inflation (i.e., cost of goods and services). We would withhold specific reference to our response of frustration and disappointment at said uninformed and reductionist understanding. The Nation’s President is as responsible for inflation and consequent higher prices, as a forest ranger is responsible for the planetary danger of global warming.

The empirically accurate causes of the Nation’s current inflation should be evident to any thoughtful citizen who reads a newspaper or attends to the objective news programs. A major causative factor was (and remains) the extended period of the covid-19 pandemic, proximately, responsible for the interruption of the normal supply chain, manufacturing, transportation and distribution of goods. Factories stopped producing and manufacturing inventory changed, as people altered their buying habits, based upon the supply chain shortages. The consequential shortage of goods and means of production and delivery led to the unfavorably higher prices. The causative factors in such a situational problem are unrelated to the performance of any sitting President, in this case, Joseph Biden.

A second, but significant, contributing cause of the current inflation, similarly, and understandably, not within the control of the American President, has been the high cost of assistance to the democratic Nation of Ukraine in its existential resistance to Putin’s unconscionable war.

By contrast, In any fair evaluation of the President, the thoughtful citizen should consider the following, full cornucopia, of legislated benefits, championed and delivered by President Biden for the benefit of the American Nation and its citizens. The “Bipartisan Infrastructure Law,” contains such an abundance of National, State and citizen benefits, that makes necessary their mere listing, in order to accommodate the short essay form. They are, happily, as follows:  Elimination of unhealthy lead pipes and clean drinking water provisions, high-speed internet services, improved roads and bridges, increase in public transit, improvement in passenger railways, airports, waterways and ports, upgrading power structures, environmental benefits, including procedures regarding the amelioration of global warming, upgrading and increase of electric power stations for the newly developed automobiles. The Biden Administration is also, to be credited, with the Appointment of a capable, Indigenous American, legislator to the Cabinet, as Secretary of The Interior, and has initiated programs to ameliorate the historically, unjust treatment by the Federal Government of America’s First Nations. The Biden Administration has seen to the accomplishment of many other humanistic actions, not the least of which was, the life-enhancing, elimination of student debt.

In any fair and empirically, logical, evaluation of the current President, the undesirable factor, of the current inflation, the existence of which, is completely outside of his purview, should, relevantly, be excluded, as irrelevant, and attention given to the plethora of his many positive accomplishments, concerning matters which, by contrast, are included therein.


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