Post # 848 RELENTLESS DEMOCRACY: Editorial

Concomitant with the bizarre ascendency to the Oval Office, of Donald J. Trump, mainstream Americans, astoundingly, witnessed the dynamic, public emergence of America’s considerable, reservoir of (previously, passive), ill informed, and inadequately educated, citizens. Said population, has elected to subscribe to any and all Trump policies and actions; such pre- determined loyalty, appropriate, in a fascistic autocracy, is antithetical to our continued maintenance of a Democratic Republic.

Mainstream, traditional, America has, appallingly, experienced: an unprecedented rejection, by Trump and his large, supportive, cult, of the (verified) results of a fair election, based on his tactically, groundless, assertion of election “manipulation” (the classic, autocratic, “Big Lie”), and  illegal and unconstitutional, manoeuvers, to skew the results of the next election, by championing State voting legislation, favorable to America’s right wing, i.e., limiting the votes of minorities, and, reconfiguring SCOTUS,  thereby enabling  politically, partisan and religious interests (forbidden by precedent and Statute) to be accommodated. The distressed citizen has also, shockingly, witnessed an unprecedented, violent, anti-Washington insurrection, the ominous rise of Nazi-style, White Christian militias, an increase in police brutality against people of color, a rise in anti-Semitism, a popular desire for  guns, including military semi-automatic instruments of mass destruction, mass shootings at schools, parks and houses of worship, a hostile divisiveness, the continuance of female abuse, notably, to include the religiously, influenced overturning of Roe v. Wade, the fundamental deprecation of empirical truth, in favor of “alternate facts” and paranoid conspiracy ideation, the selfishly cruel opposition to immigration,( by a Nation, itself, composed of 100% immigrants and their progeny), the continued “second class” citizen status of women in  business, and, ominously, the populist decline in the status of liberal education.

It is reassuring and emotionally, comforting, to note that Congress and the Justice Department have actively, been involved in the process of taking appropriate action to investigate and legally respond to the horrific event of the 1/6 insurrection, as well as tactical programs and actions, deemed antithetical to the existence and functioning of our democracy. We have noted that, in the interest of plain justice, publicly accessed, fact-finding investigations, such as are presently, in progress, will be properly, precedential, to any judicial response to the respective, charges of wrongdoing,

We are morally and philosophically, relieved and pleased, that the process, albeit, responsive to the anti-democratic and empirically described, fascistic, misbehavior, has been conducted in accordance with our universal and regular, American juristic procedure, rather than, responsively, and self- destructively, in the same anti-democratic mode as the investigated, miscreants. With regard to this significant subject, we would make a brief interruption in this essay, for contextual clarity.  

We have consistently, declared, that aphoristic advice is eternally, useless, or harmful, in lacking, flexibility and specification regarding its intended, pseudo-wise, application. In a recent essay (# 844, “APHORISTIC CALAMITY”), we declared that, undisputedly, the worst and most harmful, aphorism is, “The ends justify the means.” We stated therein, that no wrongful, means can be ever converted to a virtuous one, by “good ends, (whatever, “good ends,” subjectively, may, arguably, entail) and, further, that evil or violent means, have, ineluctably, led to violent or evil ends. In historical reality, the quality and nature of the means, eternally, has, empirically, defined the quality and nature of the ends.

It was a significant affirmation, of mainstream America’s faith in the intrinsic value of democracy, and democratic philosophy, to take note of the government’s election to counter the onslaught of the fascist-style tactics by the radical right wing, by democratic, universally, established and precedential, rules and appropriate institutional means. The fascistic style of prevarication and “alternate facts,” propaganda, slander, bigotry, threats and intimidation, illegal and unconstitutional behavior, not to forget an unprecedented, insurrection against Washington, deemed typical of the anti-democratic, reprehensible behavior, wisely were not responded to, in kind, by analogous, anti-democratic tactics.

 Action in accordance with, yet another, reprehensible aphorism, “Fight fire with fire,” would, among other undesirable results, have effectively, resulted, in the ultimate weakening or termination, of the standards and ideals of American democracy. Like other accused, wrongdoers, the subjects are being properly, adjudicated, in accordance with democracy’s ubiquitously, fair and fundamental tenets. The quality of reasonable patience, prudently, outweighs the understandable, demand for immediate justice, in matters where the continued preservation of our unique Republican Democracy is in play.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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