Humankind’s proverbial and eternally, faithful stork, in the performance of the duties of an avian UPS, to be candid, has no especial knowledge nor the slightest interest, in the cultural, racial, religious or sexual proclivities of his invaluable cargo. His sole concern is the maintenance of a secure grip, with his sharp talons, on the large white diaper, containing the assigned merchandise. It is to be creditably, recognized, that he requires no “GPS app.” to flawlessly, determine the precise location of the intended recipient.  There is no delivery charge, irrespective of location, and more significantly, regardless of the respective, descriptive adjective, describing the subject of the delivery.

In our earlier essays on the pernicious existence of religious bigotry, we have used this folkloric image,  in aid of our forensic assertion, that one’s culture, race and religion are, inarguably, not dependent, upon choice, but rather, on the happenstance of birth. A similar, explanatory image is of utility with respect to the arcane issue of a child’s, later realized, gender preference.

As a factual reminder, the X and Y-chromosomes (“the Sex Chromosomes”) are determinative of the biological sex of the individual. Females inherit an X chromosome from the father, for an XX, genotype, while males inherit a Y chromosome from their father, thus obtaining n XY genotype (a mother, it seems, can only pass on an X chromosome.) Despite our admitted lack of professional expertise, we would confidently, declare that differences in sexual orientation are, in general, but not completely, the result of such chromosomal inheritance; the exceptions to this generally applicable rule, as advised, are real, but not to date, sufficiently understood.

While most people in the World appear to persist in the belief that sex differences are simply binary, modern advances in biological science indicate the existence of a large spectrum of variation existing in the general classification of “male” and “female.” The science of biology has been building a more nuanced view of sex however, a significant portion of our reductionist society has yet to catch up.

Certain of our citizens, shamefully and ignorantly, exhibit hurtful sanctions and impose constraints against others, whose personal choice of gender identity, is at variance with the determination, officially made at birth. Acts of abuse are apparently, due to the latter’s, judgmental, reductionist and biased perception of gender dynamics. For those castigated, anecdotal experiences can vary, between, insulting and hurtful exclusion, to the extreme experience of being a victim of the detestable and psychotic activity of “gay bashing.” The latter responses appear to be responsive, to reductively, perceived, overt characteristics, which, just as, in the case of race and culture, are, in fact, involuntarily, determined, (by the accident of birth), are analogously, involuntary destined (in this case,  chemically and physically during gestation).

Homosexuality, inarguably, is not a mental disease and the clinical conduct of futile and ineffective mental therapy, called “Reparative” or “Conversion Therapy” for LGBTQ people, would seem to indicate a lack of sophistication, concerning their etiology and character. As an additional matter, we have chosen not to comment, on the subject of, the range of irrational, reductive religious practices, ritually and atavistically, aimed at converting the hapless “gay” person, to an unquestioning, devotee of the apocryphal, “Adam and Eve” stereotype.

We might, however, recommend, an extensive course of psychiatric therapy, for those, (often right-wing bigots), who choose the ugly path of hurtful, public criticism, or practice tortious and wrongful action, toward fellow American citizens of ambiguous sexual gender. These neurotically aggressive, responses may be founded, simply, on their own profound ignorance; or conceivably, on their personally troubling, and fearful, lack of compelling assurance, as to their own, appropriate, placement on the non-binary, sexual continuum.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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