Post # 835    THE CHAMBER P.O.T.*

*N.B. [For many early centuries, prior to the advent of plumbing and of flush toilets, the utilitarian, chamber pot served as a portable toilet. [The titles’ initials stand, in aesthetically, selected order, for the odious, “ménage a trois,” of Putin, Orban and Trump, the dramatis personae of this writing].

We were profoundly, shocked, to learn that Viktor Orban, the totalitarian Hungarian, Prime Minster, has become the role model for American Conservative Nationalists, and was invited as guest speaker at the Conservative Political Action Conference, (“CPAC”, carefully, pronounced) in Dallas, Texas. After a brief, romantic, visit to Donald Trump, the latter, an amorous and esteemed partner in the (themed) ménage a triose, Orban went on to deliver his invited speech in Texas. Reportedly, the speech expectantly amounted to a paraphrase of “Nazi” propaganda, and notably, received the universal approval and enthusiastic applause of that audience.  Orban, apparently, admonished the United States for its large population of immigrants, its flagrant intermarriages, and mixed race population and the consequential threat to white Christian dominance of the West. He, received a standing ovation, from the right-wing audience, in response to his pronounced attacks on, what he called, U.S. “gender ideology.”

Orban had dedicated more than a decade, tactically and egregiously, to successfully, destroying Hungary’s, democracy, its free media, Court system, its democratically, based election laws and Constitution, in his desire remain in autocratic power. His racism, homophobia and demagogic style, has proven to have great appeal to the current plethora of aberrant, (Trump-loving) members of the Republican Party, consonant, with his autocratic theories. We have previously, (See: ”LEMMINGS”) posed the question: Is the successful attainment of an autocratic future, in which liberties and legal rights are, universally, circumscribed, ultimately desirable, to the, MAGA members of the present Republican Party?

Official government investigative research revealed that Russia (Putin) had improperly, meddled in the American election, tactically, and wrongfully, to assist in Trump’s elevation to the U.S. Presidency. Thereafter, an intimate, Putin-Trump, “bromance,” was demonstrably, made undeniable, in the public media. Regarding this bizarre, relationship, we have, on occasion, expressed our view, that the wily, Putin, (by such election support, feigned, friendship, and faux narcissistic admiration, of the witless Trump), did so, mindful of his intention to invade Ukraine, and was, artfully, intending to take advantage of Trump’s unquenchable and neurotic need for approval and narcissistic admiration; for the tactical purpose of deterring, predictable, future American assistance to the besieged Nation.

Trump, has frequently made clear his enduring approval of Putin’s repression of human rights and general autocratic policies, and has often, publicly stated that he was “tight” with (the despicable and dangerous autocratic) Putin. All three of our named chamber pot, scoundrels, uniformly, denigrate the democratic vote, educational enlightenment, truth, equality, free speech, the free media, women’s bodily autonomy, universal equality, homosexuality and same-sex marriage. They unanimously, and wholeheartedly, support, the pernicious cause of alleged, White, Christian Superiority, and subscribe to the neurotic and paranoid fear of the bogus, “Replacement Theory,” are xenophobic and oppose immigration. We would persist in our repeated, declaration of the evident reality, that the elimination of rights and human liberty would be as painful to such witless, supporters, as to their, democracy-loving opponents.

The mainstream, traditional, American citizen, presently, finds himself, in a veritable, quandary, concerning the millions of fellow citizens, lacking adequate education and sufficient awareness, to realize that reverence for this odious, chamber pot of autocratic scoundrels, will not fill the perceived, empty spaces in their lives; but, instead, misuse such witless citizens, in their perverse quest for unlimited, power?

Until enlightened citizens, dedicated to the traditional, American, way of life and its protection of constitutional freedoms, can solve this existential dilemma, the present threat to democracy, will endure and metastasize, promoted, by the honored, dignitaries, inhabiting the human chamber pot and as well, their ignorant and misled lemmings.


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