Post # 823             EXHAUSTION

The contextual theme of this writing is supplemental, to the immediately preceding essay, (# 822 “THE COARSENING OF AMERICA”). The latter dealt with the demise of the traditional American quality of interactive, “bonhomie,” and the recent development, by contrast, of a sense of isolation and defensive, vulnerability. This essay is written on the subject of our observed, mainstream America’s desperation with contemporary government, aggravated by the distressing, facility of the covid virus, to perpetuate itself, notably, the latter’s, continuing, intrusive effect on normal, interpersonal interaction.

We are dismayed to observe, that the sitting President has been chastised and unjustly, blamed for inflation, most especially, concerning the internationally, caused, (exorbitant) price of gasoline, phenomena entirely, outside of his control.  In contrast, our former President, a publically, witnessed perpetrator of serious felonies, viewed on public television, with the support of a large, populist cult   (see: # 822), has publicly announced his delusional, intention for another run for the American Presidency. The Alice in Wonderland, factual disparity is exhaustingly, maddening.

The mainstream American citizen, finds himself, in a state of thorough exhaustion with, the hapless, inability of our government to regulate firearms, despite the tragedy and horror, caused by the multitude of instances of public homicide, in schools, parks, houses of worship, and on America’s traditional, “Main Street.” In addition, he continues to be shocked and horrified, by bigoted, police abuse and frequent shootings of unarmed members of our black and brown communities.

The upright, responsible, American citizen is exhausted to the point of angry frustration, at the inadequate response of the public and, particularly, big business, to the existential problem of global warming. He is exasperated, by the observation that our democratic government, has permitted the democratically, articulated will of our citizenry, to be distorted, by the perverse influence of “big money;” a problem, exacerbated, by today’s partisan, SCOTUS, in its irrational, holding, that (“fictional”) corporations have the same rights as human (real) citizens, to donate unlimited monies to political elections. (Citizen’s United Case). The influence of “big money,” has facilitated the continuance of air and atmospheric pollution by big industry, which, sociopathically, values profits above health, to continue their irresponsible and lucrative, practices.

The same exasperating, and recently, turned, “political,” U.S. Supreme Court, in an unconstitutional, unprecedented heartless fashion, and in improper, partisan deference, to the religious lobby, tragically, and heartlessly, overturned its own precedent, by withdrawing the legally confirmed, natural right of women, to have an abortion; a right, settled and assured to them by that High Court, one-half century ago. Our protectors of the Constitution have, in such partisan deference, elected to intentionally, ignore the Founder’s emphatically, included, “Establishment Clause,” of its “Bill of Rights.”

The citizen is fatigued with politicians who, tactically and erroneously, adhere to the Trump created, fabrication, that the previous Presidential election was tampered with; yet, shamelessly, in non-fiction manner, are responsible for many State Legislatures’ tactical promulgation of Statutes, designed to handicap the  vote of our black and brown citizens (due to their substantial Democratic party support, in the last election.) The latter, shameful and undemocratic acts, have been committed, cynically, by the same, identified, accusers of past, oppositional, election tampering. The relentless hypocrisy of the modern Republican Party is frustrating to the point of utter, emotional exhaustion.

It is emotionally, as well as rationally, disconcerting, to observe, the dedicated, right-wing opposition to immigration, including, untold numbers of anxious fugitives, fleeing imprisonment and death by corrupt, autocratic governments. How is it, sanely, possible for such selfish bigots, not to realize that our Nation is, and has, eternally, been, entirely composed of immigrants and their progeny, (including, such right-wing, bigoted underbelly). Incidentally, it may accurately, be observed, that our Nation, at present, has an inarguable, shortage of labor. The inescapable conclusion is that such resolute opponents of life-saving, immigration, are pathologically, diagnosable, as selfish and ignorant bigots.

It has been empirically, proven, that the species of exhaustion, resulting from frustration concerning the abrogation of traditionally, held norms of behavior, the perpetuation of unprincipled and immoral acts, and those resulting from incompetent, or biased, governance, differ substantially, from mundane, physical exhaustion. The latter exhaustion, is easily, ameliorated by rest and relaxation; the determination of the empirical, panacea for the former, we reserve for the pleasant dreams of happy philosophers.  


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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