It requires no esoteric debate nor arduous, deliberation, to enable the accurate conclusion, that a governmental entity, properly styled as a “Democracy,” by political definition, describes a polity, responsive to the wishes (votes) of the determined majority of its citizens. It was notably, prescient for our pragmatic Founders, to, wisely seek to avoid potential injustice to the minority, by the “tyranny of the majority,” by, famously, adding the First Ten Amendments, (the “Bill of Rights”) to the U.S. Constitution; the latter Articles limit governmental interference with citizen rights, deemed fundamental, within the majority ruled, Republic. The Supreme Court was assigned, as its signal responsibility, the ultimate protection of the basic rights of citizens from errant government incursion, by its authority to conduct determinative and legally binding, “Judicial Review.” The legally, mandated, non-partisan, protector of citizen liberties has sadly declined to a shameful, politically, inspired partisan, of the right-wing, religious conservative interests. Accordingly, in the two earlier essays, we have expressed our chagrin and relevant concern, for the existential continuance of our republican democracy, and our nightmarish, fear, of a National, slow, cataclysmic, decline to disastrous autocracy.

The slow development of such disastrous change, was significantly, exacerbated, by the unprincipled, political tactics of the right-wing, in delaying, and then, preventing the appointment of a Democratic Presidential designee, to the Supreme Court, and, immorally and unfairly pushing through the subsequent appointment, of no less than three, inarguably partisan, conservative Justices by the consensus,’ worst Presidential administration, in  American history).

The sad and unexpected decline of the once, highly revered SCOTUS, to the pedestrian level, of an execrable partisan entity, as described, in the two, immediately preceding essays, has bizarrely resulted in a bizarre, Lewis Carroll-like “Mad Hatter’s Tea Party” relative to the rational understanding and dynamics of a “Democracy.” As stated, the latter, political designation relates, to the rule by the majority of citizens, as expressed by their greater numerical votes. Such morphing by SCOTUS’ from a fair and politically impartial entity, to its recently demonstrated, partisan influenced, political club, is worthy of analogous comparison with the Lewis Carroll creation of the confused “Mad Hatter.” We are confronted with a democratic republic, an anomalous freak of political creation, in which, politically, notwithstanding, its persona as a professed democracy, is effectively governed by the minority, by virtue of the partisan influenced SCOTUS. We have created an anomalous “golem,” a Nation, historically, characterized by the enlightened, description, of “Rule by the Majority,” which, in reality, at present, is one, bizarrely, characterized, by “rule  by the Minority.”

Statistically verified public polling shows that, by far, the greatest number, of American citizens, support suitable regulations, concerning gun ownership, more action respecting global warming and legislative regulation of the environment, more emphasis on clean air and water, and alternative (natural) sources of power, legal contraception and safe and professionally performed abortion, strict separation of Church and State, eliminating all book censorship,  societal acceptance of homosexual life and self-sex marriage, the elimination of the (medieval, death penalty, the compassionate reform of our draconian immigration policy, programs of assistance to the needy, reform of our criminal justice system, and eliminating legislative, interference, with the universal voting franchise, which latter right, is the sine qua non, of any democracy.

Nevertheless, despite the demonstrated and express will of the majority of questioned citizens, in favor of such, societally, positive legislation and policies, the current, perniciously, partisan SCOTUS, has been inclined to give ear to minority, partisan-inspired, right-wing policy. As a consequence of the recent, tactically, successful, conservative right-wing effort, to insert, a controlling number of conservatively, inclined, and potentially, partisan-influenced Justices, to the Supreme Court, American democracy, has been debased, and perhaps, completely, emasculated, by the present, effective, rule by the minority.

Nevertheless, this lethal, political pathology can be entirely cured, and prevented from, chronic re-infection, by the fully engaged and dedicated vote of the Nation’s mainstream of freedom-loving, citizens. We must elect political representatives who are sincere, dedicated to the time-honored, standards of equity, and citizen democracy, as distinguished from those, who, irresponsibly, would exalt personal self-interest and unprincipled, aspiration for career advancement over traditional American, democratic values.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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