Post # 801         PANARMAGEDDON

The Book of “Revelations,” added to the New Testament in Central Asia, (96 CE), reportedly, is the product of “John of Patmos,” a creative, over-zealous, adherent to the Christian dogma. It recites the punitive, “End of Days ” to be imposed by the Deity, featuring, among its horrific conceits, many nightmarish participants, including the Four Horsemen and fear-inspiring, red-horned beasts.

In the selection of this essay’s title, our intent was not to, imminently, predict the “final days,” of our Nation, but to alarmingly, indicate that its basic philosophical, tenets and foundational structure, are observably, in the perilous process of existential erosion. In the familiar context of a “representative democracy,” such as ours, both the people and government are mutually contributory, to its nature and quality; nevertheless, we have elected, for the purposes of clarity and emphasis, to treat them separately. Thematically, it has been our personal estimation that the hyperactive, contemporary, anti-democracy interests are unwittingly, thereby [see: 657, “American Lemmings”] providing, as well, for their own civic suicide; if democracy’s roof were to cave in, the debris will fall on them, as well.

The political architecture of the American government, prudently, designed by our prescient Founders, was so construed that each branch of the tripartite, government, Executive, Legislative and Judicial, was granted the right, and duty, to veto (“check”) any other, for abuse of power. Such constitutionally, protective, and mutual supervisory policy is commonly, referred to, as “Checks and Balances.” 

THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT: (Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches)

[Executive] The steep decline in stature, of the historically, august, Office of the American Presidency, following, one term in office, of the ignorant, incapable and immoral Donald J. Trump, may be difficult to resurrect. President Joseph Biden is hampered and beset by a large horde of cultish Trump supporters in the Federal and State legislatures, radicalized, sitting State governors and most ominously, a large, population of ignorant, reductionist and bigoted, citizenry. From our viewpoint, Biden appears to be doing a competent job at governance, but is hampered, by this “Trumpish” cult, including, most perniciously, a number of racist, anti-Semitic and anti-democratic, militant organizations, identified as, “White Christian Supremacists”.

It is extremely frustrating, that, inconsistent with the Nation’s avowed standard of universally equal justice, Mr. Trump, has been shown to have committed numerous serious criminal acts, (inclusive of treason and incitement to insurrection, in his autocratic attempts to, overturn the certified results of a democratic election), which are undeniable, having been viewed, publicly, on television. Yet this, celebrated, egotistical, miscreant continues, Teflon-like, free of legal retribution and is, quite shockingly, expected to run again. The Nation’s ignorant, “underbelly,” seems, threateningly, and disgracefully, to possess a measure of decisive influence as to who, and what is appropriate to our Nation’s highest office.

[Legislative] (Senate and House of Representatives) A large number of vociferous, right-wing, Trump- loyalist, legislators, appealing to such numerous “underbelly,” by their loud and, raucous objection to universal equality, lack of respect for democratic norms, ignorant and reductive opposition to mainstream traditions, and preference for convenient, “alternate facts,” including false, conspiracy ideations, have caused many Democratic, legislative representatives to fear for their own re-election. Consequently, rather than dutifully, supporting legislation, pursuant to their solemn oaths to defend democracy, and, responsibly, represent the interest of their constituents, have self-interestedly, and irresponsibly, supported, anti-democratic, bigoted, right-wing, positions. One, shameful, but illustrative, example is their tactical opposition to gun regulation, in contradiction to the will of their constituents, and despite the fact that schools, houses of worship, supermarkets, playgrounds, streets and private living rooms have, tragically, become killing fields, for militarily armed psychopaths.

 Nevertheless, we choose to repeat our (themed) view, that the destruction of the American way of life, would, ultimately have an equally, devastating effect, on the lives of such perpetrators.  

(JUDICIAL)  [SCOTUS] The third, Judicial, branch of the designed government, headed by the highest Court, the Supreme Court of the United States, SCOTUS”) was established, to settle the Nation’s disputed legal issues and thereby, create a uniformly, referential, National precedent. Consistent with the constitutionally, mandated, “Separation of Powers,” the high court was forbidden to adjudicate cases that contain any political nuance, whatsoever. Parties with legal controversies sought to be accepted and adjudicated by SCOTUS, as a mandatory prerequisite, were taxed with successfully, proving the complete absence of legal implications in the matter, by a prescribed, formal proceeding, known as a “Writ of Certiorari.” 

With some notable and unfortunate exceptions, (ex., Dred Scott case), SCOTUS, the designated, avatar of a conceptual fairness and impartiality, was highly revered, for its performance, fulfilling  America’s need for settled, and precedential Law, free of any partisan interest. This was admiringly true, in any event, until the sea change, following the Bush v. Gore case, in the year, 2000. The constitutionally restrictive, non-political discipline of Scotus, by that, inarguably, political, case seemed to usher in a devastating decline, of that previously austere and reverenced institution, to the far lesser status of a perceived, political and partisan entity.

The zenith of such recent decline and historic downgrading, of SCOTUS, was attained in the “Citizens Union” case. The decision in that case, undemocratically, magnified the perverse effect of money, donated by wealthy interest groups, on voter democracy, by removing all restrictions on corporate donations to political candidates. This ruling, inarguably, worsened an already existing, undemocratic trend, whereby large donors might money skew elections in their favor.

 In addition to this impactful injury to representative democracy, the so-called, High Court, “justified” its undemocratic decision by reasoning which would not hold up, even in a local Small Claims Court.

The Court, bizarrely, ruled that corporations, legally, were “people,” so that any restrictions on campaign donations would violate their constitutional rights, including, free speech. This specious and, and inapt reasoning, revealed the irrational and unprecedented, lengths to which the recently, constituted, SCOTUS would now go, to justify a partisan cause. Most business people, and, certainly, every law school freshman, know that the legal reference to corporations, as “persons,” has reference only, to the ability to enter into contracts and, generally do business, in the corporate name. It has historically, and consistently, been restrictively defined, and legally treated as a “legal fiction,” enabling an entrepreneur, operating his business in the corporate name, to protect himself, thereby achieving  permissible, “limited liability.” If every law school freshman knows this concept, does it not, inarguably, follow, that the eminent Justices, sitting at SCOTUS, knew it, at least as well?

It has eternally, been the law that the legislatively, created, “fictional,” commercial entity of the “Corporation,” was a practical, legal “fiction” since its conception by the Victorian, English Parliament,  (which America continued) for the purpose of granting, “ limited liability,” to encourage business investment and, avoid the times’ extant, English debtor’s prison, in the event of insolvency. It was never legally, intended, that the corporate “person” be vested with any of the rights or character of humanity.

The Citizens’ Union case drove a deep, partisan wedge into the American foundational, concept of equal and representative democracy. SCOTUS, at present, additionally, seems to be poised to drive such a deeply injurious spike, into the, publically accepted, half- century old, Supreme Court, legal precedent, insuring the personal rights of women to make decisions regarding their own pregnancy; a  partisan violation of women’s liberty, one, in blatant derogation of the Constitution’s “Establishment Clause.”

(THE PEOPLE) It is our view, that such contemporary, challenging alterations to the Nation’s previous salutary governmental structure, and the general decline in tenor and quality of its supporting institutions, are essentially, founded in empirical changes in the character of the American citizenry; or, more specifically related to our theme, a significant, ignorant and unwittingly, suicidal number of that population.

We had for some time, assumed that the recent challenges to American democracy were directly due to the immoral influence of that orange-horned Armageddon monster, Donald J. Trump. More recently, however, we have rather concluded, that said disreputable and incapable creature, was elected, because he was perceived as reflecting them, in their ignorance, biased mindset, and  lack of moral compass, including, rejection of the existential reverence for society’s existential, concept of “truth.”

We, as other mainstream, traditional, democracy loving citizens, have been troubled in our awareness of such large horde of right-wing citizens, who denigrate education, intellectual and aesthetic advancement and republican democracy itself; and who, atavistically favor race and ethnic prejudice, anti-immigration policies, gun ownership, repression of women’s liberty, censorship of education and books, and autocratic government control.

We find ourselves, regularly informed of shocking acts of racial and ethnic homicide, committed by the legions of White Christian militias, on the paranoid, delusional and psychopathic ideation, that the communities of color, allegedly, managed by ” influential and devious Jews,” are intent on “replacing” “their” “white Christian Nation”, with non-whites and immigrants.

Their mission is as dangerously, pathological and delusional, as it is un-American and criminal. A relevantly, empirical and intriguing fact, additionally, is that the Biblical accounts of Jesus, certify him as Jewish, Middle Eastern, and non-white. Moreover, the Founders expressed their wise, mutual, and secular intention, as they famously, articulated, not to refer to a Deity, in our Constitution. We were never, intended to be a Christian nation, but rather, a unified, national combination of diverse peoples, i.e., “E Pluribus Unum.”

We have arrived at the fundamental realization that the true scope and expanse of the problem, goes far beyond the level of political differences or disputed issues. It has metastasized to an existential, life and death, universal, battle for all American citizens, regardless of party affiliation, for the continued existence of freedom and democracy, as an alternative to repressive, Putin style, autocracy.


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