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The average American citizen, following the events of the atrocious and unjustified war mounted against the democratic Nation of Ukraine, by Putin’s autocratic and fascistic Russia, understands that it is as much about an existential war against the ethical and humanistic existence of “Democracy,” as it is about territory and the right of national sovereignty.

To be more specific, it is a war against democracy’s freedom of assembly, free speech, equality, citizenship rights, consent of the governed, voting rights, freedom from unwarranted deprivation of the individual right to life and liberty. In the United States, the elected representatives of the people construe legislation in accordance with the expressed will of the people. By contrast, an autocracy (as in Russia) is the form of rule in which absolute power is concentrated in the hands of one person, whose decisions are not subject to legal restraint or popular control. The decision to invade the Ukraine was the sole declaration of Boris Putin (as opposed to Russia, itself). In the disastrous event that Putin was victorious, Ukraine’s democracy, predictably would decline to a similar autocracy as Russia. Recent reports indicate that Putin’s war is at a standstill and we are hopeful of an acceptable resolution.

We do not have a Putin in our country, but it is our misfortune to have a Donald J. Trump, Putin’s admiring friend and sub-rosa confident. Despite an unexplainable large populist following, Trump lost the bid for a second term as President and began a nefarious program, which, if there were any possible doubt on the subject, revealed the inescapable truth that he, like Putin, is an advocate of autocracy.

Trump, in stereotypic autocratic fashion, employed the singularly, perverse tactic of all autocratic tyrants,” The Big Lie.” Without any factual basis, whatsoever, Trump asserted the false claim that the election was rigged and his rightful second term, was “stolen” from him; this despite consistent confirmations by several professional auditors.

 Incredibly, Trump, who had somehow, accrued millions of supporters (despite his demonstrated ignorance, incapacity, and immoral behavior), in true Nazi fashion, called for an uprising to protest the allegedly “stolen” election effected by Biden and his minions. Many of his loyal supporters ardently responded, by mounting the well-publicized, violent and bloody, Capitol Building insurrection.

The insurrection failed, but not before the perpetration of homicide, injuries and property damage by the Trump inspired insurgents. It did, however, have the singular benefit of raising America’s consciousness to the imminent danger of a forceful imposition of a totalitarian autocracy (like Russia).  It was an undeniable, ominous, warning that the populist followers of the autocratic, Donald Trump are found in every part of the American scene. In their actions and position statements, they are, effectively and empirically, co-partners with Putin, in his autocratic rule and aspirations and, as well in his unforgivable military adventures.

Since the defeat of Trump, there have been useless audits, unprincipled gerrymandering, acts of State Legislatures aimed at suppressing the votes of communities of color, (which, wisely, voted against Trump and for Biden), book banning and (Nazi style), burning, biased, homophobic, gender, racial and ethnic demonstrations of prejudice, including anti-Semitism, booming gun sales, anti-science and anti-education sentiment, censorship in teaching the darker periods of American History, the latter, orthodox features of the autocratic, or totalitarian State.

In previous mini-essays, we have attempted, with limited success, to account for the disappointing phenomenon of the existence of such large numbers of adherents to Donald Trump and his autocratic agenda. The Nation’s traditional and democratically inclined citizens have predictably evinced alarm, concerning the hordes of Americans, supporting the Trump, totalitarian agenda. We have on occasion, questioned the motivation of these citizens, who, as indicated by their actions and expressed opinions, in effect, directly, support the Trump or Putin, autocratic form of government; despite the empirically, indisputable fact, that the latter, promises them less personal rights and liberties, than our democracy.

Our only acceptable explanation is that their errant choices are made, based upon some personally nuanced, combination of ignorance, feelings of disappointment with life, or personal insecurity (viz., the insecure need for group approval). It is a tragic, that any minimal and rational analysis might suffice to convince them that their adopted position is exclusively in the interest of the would-be autocrat, and, certainly not theirs.

Those American citizens who, like Trump (and Putin), oppose Democracy, should realize, that in realistic effect, they are his (and Russia’s) partners, in all their wrongful endeavors. It is our sincere hope for the immediate bankruptcy, of such partnership; the continuance of success, in our Nation and for a quick victory over autocracy and Russia, by its besieged, democratically, Ukraine.


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