“Agent Orange,” was a tactical herbicide, used by the U.S. Military during the Viet Nam War, and has been proven to cause major deleterious health effects on individuals exposed, possibly extending to their offspring. It may categorically, be listed, among many hazardous materials [“hazmats”] that have been empirically, demonstrated to pose substantial risk to life, health, property and/or the environment. The category generally includes toxic chemicals, fuels, biological, chemical and radiological agents. Many of these dangerous items pose great risks, even when not being transported, and need to be stored safely and properly.

Matter [reportedly, anything that occupies space and has mass] can be classified according to physical and chemical “properties”, accordingly, we would respectfully request that limited to our present expressive, [literary] purposes, we may be permitted the following, unorthodox, analogous classification. For  purposes of effective description, and, based upon his singularly dangerous and deleterious “properties,” we would seek, [unofficially] to literarily classify, Donald J. Trump, as uniquely combining the dangerous properties, of an ignorant, orange-haired homo sapiens, and that of the toxic and destructive properties, of the hazardous chemical, known as “Agent Orange.”

Some brief, cursory reading in the general area of hazardous matter, leaves one with the initial impression that, of great relevance to the art of classification, are the physical “properties” of the matter under consideration. It is felt that a brief recitation of Donald Trump’s “properties,” or, potential for damage and destruction, together with some reference to the dire and hazardous results already accrued, from man’s unprotected exposure to him, would, we would find acceptance in this dynamic, analogous, classification, as literarily permissible, albeit, admittedly, not chemically valid.

The surprise election to the American Presidency, of Donald Trump, was the singular elevation of an ignorant, incapable, neurotically, egocentric, former television game show host, to the most influential and powerful office in the free world. His election victory may, conceivably, be accounted for by an unprecedentedly, large vote of the discontented, information- literacy- challenged, “Underbelly,” of the American population, mesmerized by Trump’s tactical, snake oil demagoguery, plus the financial support from the air- polluting members of big industry, which appear, to value profits over human health, and thus, like Trump, oppose health regulations.

For the past five years, the Nation’s unprotected exposure, to the toxic person- agent of Donald J. Trump, [both in and after office], has caused a veritable plethora of [preventable], tragic mortalities, major injuries and sustained and permanent damage, much of which, analogous, to the pernicious properties of the authentic Agent Orange, will, sadly, continue to wreak havoc in future generations.

[Environment ]: Trump’s neurotic, egotistical ignorance, has led him, and his cultish, loyal sycophants, to repudiate of all science and scientists; particularly, his obdurate denial of all environmental findings of the World’s recognized experts, concerning the dire and imminent dangers to the Planet, of global warming, caused by air pollution. In fact, the dynamic and hazardous effects of such global warming have already manifested themselves, in the form of irregular seasons and weather patterns, fierce storms, incalculable forest fires, tsunamis, discernably, hazardous damage to the Arctic and Antarctic ice caps, and consequent, unprecedented rises in sea level, some actually, obliterating national boundaries.

[Health]: It might appear symbolically significant and meaningful, that the virulent Covid-19 Pandemic and Trump’s investiture as U.S. President were, almost, malignly, coterminous. However, most ironically and tragically, not before Trump, as newly installed President, had egotistically and irresponsibly, disbanded a specialized agency appointed by the previous President, Barack Obama, to serve as a watchdog for World epidemics

In record time, the proficient Science of Pharmaceutical Medicine was able to produce, an effective vaccine, and develop prudent prophylactic protocols, against the virus. However, from the start, Trump ignorantly and reductively, played down the dangerous features of the virus, publicly likening the same to the common cold. Later, In lieu of prudently and responsibly, advising the obtaining of the developed vaccination, and compliance with the various protocols, as approved and advised by the Nation’s Medical Authorities, he ignorantly, and irresponsibly, augmented the infection and mortality rate, by shamelessly, mocking such prudent protocols, as well as vaccination, and by, incredibly, advising as an alternative, the ingestion of bathroom cleaning fluid. 

Thus, masking and vaccination evolved to a demonstrated badge of political loyalty, in an already dangerously divided Nation. The “anti-vaxers” and anti-maskers, determinatively demonstrating thereby, their loyalty to the Orange guru. It was much later, in time, that Trump confessed, that he had indeed, been vaccinated, but, regrettably, not soon enough, to avoid hundreds of thousands of cases of preventable infections and deaths. An alternative homage of loyalty to Trump was the widespread administration, of a popular, veterinary horse wormer in lieu of vaccine.

[Democracy and the Nation]: From the start of his elective term, Trump initiated the classic autocratic policy of demeaning the essence of truth and of empirical facts, proclaiming instead, the existence of “alternate facts,” which were, subjectively, more acceptable to him and, accordingly, to his populist supporters. He launched an attack against the critical free press and the responsible media, and created a propaganda-like reality, suitable to himself, and apparently, loyally acceptable to his followers.

Thomas Jefferson declared that for a democracy to succeed, what is mandatorily required are literate, informed citizens. In addition to his un-American, demeaning of the free press as well as the basic concept of truthful facts, Trump, ignorantly, and to the delight of his many populist [underbelly] supporters, denigrated education, the arts, academic and scientific inquiry and the basic need for human enlightenment. He appointed cabinet secretaries who were completely unfamiliar with their designated office but willing to support Trump policy, regardless of wisdom or rectitude.

Trump, publicly tolerant of bigotry, attracted the loyalty of the atavistic, prejudiced cohort of our population, including the numerous White Christian Supremacy groups and Jim Crow perpetuators, during, and following, his one term as President. After his elective loss to Biden, he, autocratically, enlisted his mob of followers to mount a violent [unsuccessful] insurrection against the Capitol Building, purposed to change the purportedly, “stolen” outcome [“Big Lie”] of the election.

 In addition, and as a serious and devastating, blemish on the existence of democracy, he and his autocratic, sycophants, have caused State enactments of voting restrictions, aimed at the votes of communities of color, because statistics showed their past election preference for his opponent, Biden.

To responsibly undertake, the recitation of the full extent of Trump’s effected and potential damage, to the Nation, domestically and internationally, and, to the institution of Democracy, itself, would appear to be a veritable, Quixotic challenge and an empirically, never-ending, task; one that would, doubtless, evince harm, notably, surpassing the dreaded potential of the hazard of the actual Agent Orange, which, by such comparison, may seem to be a mere herbicide.  

It might be wise to have Donald Trump [the human Agent Orange], hermetically sealed, in an appropriate container, for prudent storage, distant from the venue of Washington, D.C


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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