Now that the ephemeral distraction of the Thanksgiving Holiday has come and quickly gone, one might reasonably inquire, with what remains are the grateful celebrants left?  There is no quandary, whatsoever, concerning the ample, sumptuous remains of the celebratory meal. We have learned from long positive experience, that if a meal has been excellent, its leftovers will predictably, present further delectable enjoyment. However, the holiday celebrant’s resumption of the prior awareness of the less than delectable issues roiling the Nation is not a positive or encouraging experience.  

The frustrating realization, that the current constituent panel of the Supreme Court of the United States [SCOTUS], has unconstitutionally morphed, and descended to a politically partisan branch of government and, accordingly, is expected, this term, to undermine or overturn, decades of historical precedent  established by Roe v. Wade, as lobbied by the Republican right, that an unhinged serial felon, with substantial populist support, is bizarrely, once more seeking election as President, that such populist thugs have recently engaged in a bloody and mortal insurrection against the Washington Capitol Building, at the latter’s  bidding,  based upon his officially  passed legislation, which, are designed to limit the votes of people of color [by sheer contrast, a factually true interference with the vote], that “anti-vaxers” argue for the absolute freedom of the body from governmental  interference  [despite the danger of infection spread], that such staunch defenders of body liberty, are, shamefully, the opponents of a woman’s right to a needed abortion, the intimidating interference by such people with the National sentiment, regarding gun regulation  [responsible for a plethora of school and church shootings] and the many ignorant and delusional, paranoiac conspiracy advocates, who unfailingly, have delusions of universal governmental cover-up.

The tasty Thanksgiving remains, or leftovers, do share an item of commonality with the Thanksgiving Day remains, that phenomenon being one of predictable consistency; the pre-Holiday, distasteful political and social phenomena, remain equally as ugly and reprehensible, as before.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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