Post # 621      GHOSTS OF WEIMAR

We remain fearful that the mainstream American citizen has perilously and irresponsibly, allowed to himself, a state of comfortable complacency, in the face of a potentially clear, predictable and possibly, imminent tragedy; one, consisting of the unimaginable and tragic destruction of our Democratic Republic and his cherished, American way of life.  He does so, by unwittingly, ignoring the current configuration of the identical presenting pathological symptoms, which, in the 1930s, resulted in Hitler’s destruction of the democratic, Weimar Republic. Ellie Wiesel declared that the opposite of love is not hate; it is, in fact, disinterest. By political analogy, the insidious ally of a country’s slow march to autocracy and fascism is citizen complacency.

 It is our considered view that there were two salient, phenomena, responsible for the tragic death of the Weimar Republic. The first was the demonic persona of Adolph Hitler, an incapable failure in life, with neurotic pretentions to greatness, supported by a neurotically delusional egocentrism, an insatiable lust for power, the absence of normal perception and the tactical skills of a demagogue. His was not a love of country, nor an adhesion to any particular political or economic ideal; it was simply a deranged, insane, passionate love of himself. The second element was the eternally unfathomable operation of a discontented human nature, inclusive of its mundane complacency and its unpredictable tendency to shifts in tribal sentiment.  

The persona and inclinations of Adolph Hitler and Donald Trump are strikingly and ominously identical. Despite their known devastatingly, horrendous impact upon mankind in maturity, they have each been described as failures in their early life; Hitler as a third-rate painter, Trump as a real estate grifter, an accumulator of bankruptcy petitions and as an inconspicuous host of a poorly rated, glitzy television game show. They both are reputed to be inadequate conversationalists on every subject except themselves; each, identically, possessing an overweening sense of self-love and an immense [neurotic] and entirely unsupported sense of personal greatness.

They are identically known as draft dodgers, as abusers of females, as derogators of learning and education, as racial and ethnic bigots, as completely lacking in empathy or minimal regard for others, both regular purveyors of “alternate facts,” as an alternative to empirical truth and both ruthlessly power hungry at all costs. In their respective assaults upon reality and the facts, they each launched spirited public attacks upon the free press and media outlets. Trump, like Hitler, is a staunch opponent of immigration and a promoter of xenophobia.

We simply have no rational explanation for the phenomenon of attraction of so many members of the public, [largely, but not exclusively, of the lower economic class,] for egocentric, ignorant, demagogic demons such as Hitler and Trump. It seems to be a weakness in the persona of the modern Homo sapiens, to revere the false and showy imperial presence of a convincingly majestic orator, promising snake oil remedies for universal problems. The reverence for Trump by so large a portion of the American voter -ship, seems hard to rationally, comprehend. He, like Hitler, possesses none of the traits normally lauded by society, capability, candor, honesty, faith, morality, intelligence, apathy, dignity, observance of societal mores and dignity. Neither Hitler nor Trump can honestly accorded credit for any of these characteristics; yet they seem to have an attraction for the discontented, particular the portion of society that we have termed the “underbelly.”

Trump’s summons to his people for action on January 6, based on his self-serving fantasy of a stolen election, was not truly identical to Hitler’s lies about the burning of the Reichstag but sufficed to have fed the conspiracy mongers’ insatiable thirst,   for the revelation of sub-rosa fraud and responsively led to the major insurrection at the Washington Capitol Building. Despite two shameful impeachments in his four- year term of office and the reality of his awaiting criminal indictment for serious Federal and State felonies, Trump is imperiously, seeking restoration to the Oval office. This would-be autocrat seems to be relying upon the propensity of his cultish supporters to push him over the top, together with the help of many sycophantic State Legislatures, which publicly, and intentionally, are legislating tactics, which are interfering with the American vote; amounting to, unlike Trump’s tactically false claim, a non-fictional, undemocratic manipulation.

It is of existential importance that the Nation realize that the horrific problem of the Weimar Republic was not that the Nazis were inhuman, but that they were, in fact, human; like Trump and his supporters who must, unequivocally, be seen as a clear and present danger to the continuance, of our democratic Nation.


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