Post # 678  AN INFESTATION OF TERMITES [An American Danger]  


 We are advised that authentic subterranean termites [“epifamily isoptera”], in contrast with our metaphorical ones [“Americus underbellia”], date back more than 120 million years, to the age of the dinosaur. They are known as “silent destroyers,” due to their natural propensity to create damage to wood, such as flooring, and the structural supports of buildings. The prospective purchaser of a home is well advised to procure a certified, “termite search,” prior to his acquisition of title, against the possibility of infestation and damage by these dreaded, quickly multipliable, wood-consuming pests. Empirical experience would recommend the occasional replication of such search and the use of appropriate repellants, as needed, to ensure the building’s structural integrity.

 Any cursory review of history will reveal the dreaded existence of a multitude of National leaders, possessing the metaphoric inclination to replicate the natural activity of destructive subterranean termites, by their immoral propensity to rot and destroy the essential supporting pillars of society. A vile, contemptible occasion of such injurious [metaphoric] termite infestation, to the vulnerable pillars of our Republican Democracy, was inarguably manifested, by the recent, pestiferous, and ruinous Presidential term, of the not-so-subterranean, Donald J. Trump.

Many scholars have said that the two essential pillars of American democracy, are the sanctity of the law and the freedom of the press. Relatively recent history [the 1930’s] demonstrates that, even in the heart of a civilized Europe, rational human thought dramatically succumbed to the irrational ranting of the infamous, demagogue, Adolph Hitler.  Hitler’s early efforts during the brief existence of the democratic, German Weimar Republic, were dedicated to tactically subverting the existing German law and the strict repression of newspaper journalism. These programs have been deemed fundamental to such dystopic subversion of citizen rationality to Hitler’s vitriolic and hideous propaganda. In like way, Donald Trump’s comprehensive and virulent assault upon the societal existence of  “Truth” [“alt. facts”] and on the responsible media, were tactically intended to affect the common ability of the American people to decide on the authenticity of politicians and their policies. As is eternally common to the early establishment, of both termites and hateful autocrats, Trump sought the calumnious control and unlimited infestation of existing objective and empirical reality.

Trump’s early destructive behavior consisted of his [defensive] derogation of the critical media as untrustworthy [“fake news”] and his articulated and demonstrated, disrespect for the law. Considering his known ignorance of history, such efforts, no doubt, were a spontaneous and unwitting replication of the pernicious Hitler formula. Trump’s populist success as a demagogue regarding many discontented, uninformed, and impressionable citizens, and his damage to the underpinnings of National democracy, is empirically comparable to that evinced by his Nazi predecessor, in the latter’s infestation and total destruction of the support structure of democracy in the 1930’s Weimar Republic.

Trump’s bias and divisiveness [contrary to the American institution of its declared, “E  Pluribus  Unum”], his unrelenting attempts to delegitimize America’s definitional voting process, after his  defeat by Biden [“The big lie”], despite its multiple certifications, his present call for multiple election audits,[to manufacture the  impression, since his ego-defeating loss, that election results, in general, are not final, but, purportedly subject to scrutiny], his incitement and support of the violent insurrectional termite swarm on the Capital Building of  1/6  [based upon his tactically fictitious claim that the election was “stolen”], the current multi-State, Trump-inspired legislative actions to rig future elections, by curbing the black and brown vote [since their votes, had, in large part, been for his opponent], his un-American support of biased Christian White Supremacy groups [for the latter reason] the paranoidal conspiracy theories of Trump acolytes [encouraged by Trump’s anti-factual propaganda and serial mendacity], the universal rejection of modern Science by Trump and his loyal sycophants, resulting, respectively, in the occurrence of otherwise preventable horrendous human tragedy from the Covid pandemic, and, regarding his denial of global warming, the devastating loss of life and property and the ensuing plethora of unprecedentedly savage natural disasters; all of which clearly constituting the undermining and weakening the structural integrity of our vulnerable pillars of Democracy.

The infestation of the now defeated Trump and his loyal termite swarm of indefatigable cult followers persists to date. These pestiferous menaces must be publicly identified and voted out of office; lest our Nation be undermined and destroyed by the metastasizing infestation of nefarious, termite-like, White Christian Supremacy Groups and a host of miscreant others, whose actions are destructive to America’s basic and traditionally democratic, underpinnings.

We would recommend an appropriate and empirically effective pesticide for the control and elimination of our[metaphorical] National termite population; one, consisting of a combination of an awareness and recognition of the identity and existence of our destructive citizens, strategically combined with the dedicated and responsible votes of every moral and knowledgeably informed citizen. Recent unconstitutional attempts to withhold, or impose limits on any portion of the American voting franchise, [as well as attacks on all equal rights of all citizens] are deleterious to the support structure of the American Nation and must be vigorously and effectively opposed. Any residual termite damage to our Nation and its traditional values must be immediately repaired and strengthened by enlightened and rationally appropriate citizen action. Lastly, but of existential importance, aspiring American leaders must be vetted, as a prerequisite to nomination, to ensure their personal commitment to the support of the foundational ideals of our Democratic Republic.


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