The appointment by Donald Trump, of Steven Miller, as Senior Presidential Advisor, was an event [to use FDR’s reference to the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor], “ A Day, which will go down in the annals of History, as a Day of Infamy.” Lest this comparison seem overstated, this arrogant protagonist of hypocrisy and damaging anti-American influence, directly and tragically, impacted the lives of millions of human beings. Our choice of the word, “infamy,” may be just a little too generous, for this hypocritical exemplar of innate evil. We see in him, a despicable image, precariously close to the inhuman pathology of the sadistic and infamous Adolph Eichmann.

In accordance with our present intention, i.e., to furnish an accurate portrait of Steven Miller, we are empirically obliged to make some brief reference to his origins in order that we may observe some of the early indications of his remarkably bizarre bias and detestable persona.

It is truly remarkable that in common with the writers of this essay, Miller was the offspring of Jewish refugees from Belarus, fleeing the pogroms of 1903-1906, which then embraced all contemporary Russia.  Like the writers, his refugee forebears, who spoke only Yiddish, were grateful beneficiaries of the United States Refugee Program. He, also, like us, was raised as one of three children, in a post-emigrant, Yiddish speaking, Jewish family. It is at this point that, any similarity, notably, ceases.

His bizarre engagement [despite his early cultural upbringing] with White Supremacy, was early in life, overtly expressed in High School, where he would, in his usual arrogant manner, publicly chastise Latino students for not exclusively speaking English. His life at  College [where he criticized the famous American Black Poetess, Maya Angelou, of “racial Paranoia”] and thereafter, was consistently marked by his arrogantly, expressed biased views, most especially, against immigrants and immigration, itself. To be emphatically redundant, it is inexpressively shameful and neurotically perverse, that Steven  Miller, despite the context of his attributed ethnos, and acculturation in his early family life, developed into a member in good standing, of the White Supremacy movement; taking sole credit for the infamous, un-American words, “Alt-Right.” 

In 2016, Steven Miller was, not without reason, selected to serve as a major advisor on immigration policy, to President Donald J. Trump. He, together with the obnoxious, down-home, clag-horn, Senator, “Jeff” Beauregard Sessions, was the proudly acclaimed, accredited architects of Trump’s inhuman and Nazi-style policy of separation of babies and young children from their respective natural parents; the latter, intensely traumatic action, was effected cruelly,  just at the point of the family’s feeling of relief, after much privation and suffering, at reaching the border crossing.

As it happens, we do not choose to believe in the popular mythology of the existence of a judgmental afterlife, viz., a heaven, and a hell; however, if we did, we would energetically request of the appropriate and responsible agency, that it selectively reserve an especially hard, uncushioned and rocky seat for the arrogant, Steven Miller, in very close and intimate proximity to the searing flames.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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