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The Hubble Telescope reveals no less than one hundred billion galaxies, and it is predicted by Astro- scientists that in the not-too-distant future, as space telescopic technology improves, the official count will, predictably, grow to a number in excess of 200 billion. As comprehended, we can see light only from those galaxies, in which the emitted light had enough time to reach Planet Earth. Without the vital presence of adequate navigational light, necessary future space exploration, travel and required colonization would predictably be circumscribed.

Of yet greater importance is the existential possibility of emergency emigration to available planet venues, empirically capable of supporting sentient life,  in the event of the occurrence of planetary catastrophe, such as asteroid collision, sudden marked change in atmospheric chemical composition, or extreme alteration of temperature. To study and regularly monitor these vital issues, an inter-planetary board, democratically elected within the inter-planetary, “Milky Way Protective System” [“MWPS”], was formed, several eons ago. The Board, comprised of heterogenous, sentient beings, each respectively representing the intra- galaxy planets [which evolved long prior to the relatively recent formation of the Earth’s Solar System] with the arcane and specialized knowledge required to oversee Galaxy or intra-Galaxy matters. The Board reports directly to the August, “Executive Directorship of Milky Way Affairs.”

A special committee was selected to investigate the possible tragic occurrence, which conceivably took place in the vicinity of Planet Earth [known to Earthlings, as the “Moon”], amounting to a complete degradation of, what is presumed to have existed as a verdant, lush planet; presently, lifeless and barren, functioning merely as a large mass of light- reflective rock. The specific premise and motivation for the study was to ferret out the possible existence of analogous dynamics leading to such degradation, extant on Planet Earth, Moon’s nearby [240,000 mi.] neighbor.  

The Committee decided to send to Earth, the experienced, dedicated, sentient being, from the galaxy, one, XJT  Gnynlf, who, by good fortune, happened to most physically resemble  Earth’s homo sapiens. He would wear a large hat, which would cover his rearview third eye, and also hide his small, sharp, head fins [the latter being a vestigial organ remaining, after the ancient evolution which took place on his home Planet, “Astragon”].  He had been trained, over the years, to communicate in spoken words, [in this case, English words] rather than, the Galaxy’s faster, more accurate, mind-transmitted thought. It was so contrived that, the multi-talented, Gnynlf, would overtly appear to the Earthlings, as speaking in words, but in reality, would be listening telepathically, and would thereafter, record his findings in basic, mind-stimulating symbols.

The sage Gnynif, tactically chose, as the best laboratory for his anticipated interviews, the area of Planet Earth, known as the  “United States of America.”  Said choice was founded upon the assumption that the much-advertised phenomenon of free speech, would result in the most candid and useful responses. Rather than attempt to furnish the extraordinary number and variety of responses in full, his Galaxy Board Report, was thereafter categorized by subject, and the responses to the overt English- seeming questions, presented in summary collective fashion in written symbols.  The reported interviews were conducted at random venues throughout the American Nation for a period of four months. The Report to the Galaxy Board, translated, for Earthlings as accurately as possible, into our [written-spoken] tongue, by language academics, in tandem with sound-voice engineers] appears to read as follows:

  • No earthling could furnish any information on the subject concerning  a possible past condition of the  present rocky, infertile surface of the Moon. Some were startled, even astounded, by the question. As far as they were able to relevantly respond, the consistent remark was to the effect that the Moon had always appeared that way. However, based upon an incisive review of the nature of the responses of the Earthlings to later questions, on a variety of topics, a confident prediction will be ventured on the specific subject of the present inquiry, which will appear at the conclusion section of this Official Report.
  • The nature of the responses to questions on virtually all subjects, seemed to markedly, indicate the bifurcation of American humans into two generalized categories. [1]  adequately educated earthlings, evincing mainstream societal adjustment, and staunchly relying on evidenced- based knowledge, and [2] those lacking adequate education,  unknowingly ignorant, reliant upon self-serving  construed facts, and who are insular, or selectively tribal and generally, disconsolate outliers of their society.
  • With reference to category “[1]” the general impression, consistently garnered from the plethora of virtually identical answers, was one of moral responsibility, to family, society, Nation and most relevantly, to the environment and the health of the planet. The evident sense of moral empathy and universal equality as demonstrated, was commendable, and without doubt, consistent with their morally responsible concern for Planet Earth and its environment.
  • Category [2] seemed to evince a demonstrable detachment from the mainstream conception of societal responsibility. Although committed, in varying degrees, to  loyalty to their biological family, they predictably, lack compassion or empathy, for their fellow man; especially immigrants and earthlings of any other color than their own pale white. Much discord and suffering on the part of American society has been the result of this prejudiced, inadequately educated and less than factually informed, [to the extreme point of denial of Natural Evolution] portion of the American society. More relevant to the purpose of our inquiry, this category of people is an obviously harmful menace to the Planet, by its careless pollution of the air and atmosphere, it’s ignorantly expressed denial of its dangerous global warming, and evident lack of responsibility for the preservation and maintenance their fortunate verdant environment.
  • At present, the citizens of the Nation under study, are engaged in a serious dispute concerning their recent certified as accurate, legal and constitutional choice of leadership, disfavored by category [2]; the latter, immorally engaged in conspiratorial mendacity and insurrection against the legally elected administration and ultimately, democracy, itself. The policy of denial of truthful fact and maintenance of arbitrarily and tactically chosen “alternative facts,” endangers the existence of the Nation’s many dedicated freedoms and fosters the advent of pernicious autocracy.  Relevantly, it puts in doubt Planet Earth’s desirability for colonization, and, perhaps,  ultimately, the Planet’s ultimate  existence.
  • CONCLUSION: No  evidence was available, concerning the subject of the possible conception of a long past degradation of a possibly lush, verdant planet, to the lifeless and barren condition of the Earth’s nearby Moon, as stated above. However, the following, somewhat suppositional, view is respectfully tendered for the Board’s thoughtful consideration.

With commensurate respect and empathy for the Earthlings included in Category “[1],” one would be remiss in his fiduciary duty to responsibly consider Planet Earth as a feasible, alternate home, in the event of planetary disaster. Those categorized as  “[2], while less in number than those in “[1],” are far too numerous and aggressive, in their ignorantly unaware, drive to planetary disaster, to be sufficiently offset by those humans, in “[1],” properly socialized and responsibly inclined, albeit more numerous than those in category “[2].” The latter’s universally reductive ignorance, particularly regarding vital environmental and planetary issues, makes Earth a  questionable haven for any planetary refugee. The disastrous impact of ignored global warming, observably, is already in rapid advance, evidenced by enormous fires, existential glacial melting, enormous flooding, seasonal change, tsunamis, erosion of coastlines; all in expeditious process. It is indeed conceivable that, at the present rate, ignorant disrespect for Nature and irresponsible environmental behavior, of so vast a number of humans, could ultimately and disastrously, lead to Planet Earth’s profound s degradation to the sad state of another lifeless inert planetary rock, like its nearby Moon.

The sole [unsought] benefit would be the addition of another small source of reflective illumination to the Solar System.

Respectfully submitted,

XJ T Gnyff, Sr. Inspector, 1st Class.


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