The human cost of pervasive and ignorant misinformation is incalculable, perhaps far grimmer in effect than the traditionally dreaded phenomenon of evil. As eternally shown by history and contemporary events, the reluctance of mankind to adequately employ evolution’s generous gift of an advanced brain, has proven only, to yield harmful, even tragic results.

The disastrous election to the Office of The American Presidency, of an incapable, ignorant and egotistic miscreant, Donald J. Trump, empirically served as an effective catalyst for a public revival of atavistic ignorance, and the emergence of  America’s populist “underbelly” of ignorant, shamelessly bigoted, and mindlessly illiterate malcontents. His embarrassing, four-year term, has seen the creation, or at the very least, the exacerbation, of the many tragic sequelae listed below. Discernably, the entire sum of his  growth and personal advancement, after four years of the  American Presidency, has  been limited to the pernicious transmogrification of his inartful word, “Bigly,” to his perverse practice of “The Big Lie.”

Examples of the Nation’s wages of ignorance are presented by category, with some  brief commentary:

[1] Derogation of scientific advancement:

[Global warming]. It may not be possible, as a practical matter,, to address the complete myriad of tragic consequences of the Trump administration’s inability to employ basic reason and empirical experience. The problems inherent in man-made global warming were adamantly denied by the ignorant Trump, who also emphatically opposed green energy, all, to the brisk applause of the sociopathic, polluting industrialists who value profits above human health and a verdant planet. As a result of such resolute mindlessness, the goal has, by sheer necessity, been degraded from that of attempts to prevent global warming, to the contemporary exigency to adjust to it and survive its effects; these are inclusive of abnormal seasonal variance, unnatural and frequent, huge storms, flooding, rising tides from glacial melting,  significant erasure of shorelines, tragic property damage, tsunamis,  hurricanes, abnormally large and uncontrollable forest fires, landslides, power grid failures, prolonged periods of drought, unprecedented heat and frigid temperatures and animal extinction.

[Public health]: The medical malpractice of Trump, in immediately disbanding the Obama created, specialized agency, purposed to detect global epidemics, his ignorant and casual downplaying of the serious advent of the epidemic of Covid, including the discouragement of wearing masks, and the bizarre, recommendation to ingest bathroom cleanser as a suitable prescription medicine, added to his general macho stupidity, portrayed for the entertainment of his underbelly sycophants, proximately, resulted in hundreds of thousands of preventable infections and a great many tragic events of mortality.

Fortunately, dedicated medical and pharmaceutical research were seasonably successful in the development of a vaccine, capable of the prevention of the Covid virus, and its lethal potential. It will be, an enduring and indelible tribute to Donald J. Trump and his ignorant cult, that they  persist in publicly opposing vaccination and medical recommendations of masking and, by such lemming-like, knee-jerk loyalty, to the profoundly, ignorant Trump, effectively, continue to promote the virulent infection and potential mortality of the Covid-19 virus, and its recently mutating progeny.

[2] Abysmal ignorance of National and World history :

The complete vacuousness Trump’s “mind,” on the vital Presidential subject of international politics and relationships, was only matched by a similar failing in his inexperienced cabinet selectees. There was little or no thought given to historical treaties, as with NATO, The U.S – Mexico-Canada  Agreement, The Paris Accords,  The U.S.-Iran, the Strategic Forces Agreement, The Korean American Treaty, and a plentitude of others. Trump’s unsophisticated, teenage style of careless telephone “diplomacy” included a foolish, perhaps, treasonous, style of adolescent comradeship with America’s mortal enemy, Putin of Russia. As President, his clumsy, egoistic, and crude style incurred the intense curiosity, if not the actual disgust, of many World leaders, and our Nation to lose its historically prestigious place in the international World.

The mutually shared intentions of the participants in the establishment of The European Union were: the promotion of peace by the establishment of a uniform economic and monetary system, the promotion of inclusion, the breaking down of trade barriers between countries, the establishment of a unified currency and the beneficial sharing of scientific advances. These beneficial goals were an expression of a shared goal of a preventative solution to the many past centuries of bloody, and costly European warfare.

Without any minimum analysis or rational deliberation, Donald J. Trump, impulsively, joined the short-sighted, xenophobic, right-wing opponents of the European Union, in favoring its dissolution [“Brexit”]. The xenophobic breaking up of the EU has already led to many complex problems in, trade, currency, international banking, employment, and taxation, and would appear to be an atavistic and mortal error. As stated, Trump, sans reasonable basis, favored Brexit. One of its presently frustrating problems is, unspeakably, a renewed conflict between Northern Ireland and Dublin, after so many years following the extremely difficult ending of their war, over such subjects as taxes and trade duties.

[3] Damage to the foundational basis of our Republican Democracy:

The violent insurrection, which, shockingly, took place at the Washington Capitol Building, January 6, 2021, was outrageous, unprecedented, and no less than an existential affront to our Democratic Republic. The domestic terrorist revolution against the American government was carried out, bizarrely, at the express invitation of the miscreant head of that government,  Trump, himself. The ignition fuse, for the submissive Trump cult of underbelly discontents, was Trump’s neurotic, kneejerk claim, [or perhaps a Giuliani suggested and manufactured charge] that the election  was manipulated, and the Presidency, “stolen” from him by supporters of the winner, Joseph Biden.

It is frustrating and enraging to observe that the necessary preparation for this outrageous charge, was supplied by the pathological, orange-haired, snake oil demagogue himself, entirely consistent with his practice of serial mendacity, daily disparagement of “truth, and ”self-serving creation of the phenomenon of “alternate facts,” all of which was simultaneous with his daily disparagement of the responsible media. Trump sycophants, in their reductively ignorant discontent, had, by such nefarious practices, been prepared for this outrageous claim, by their cultish ingestion of four years of Trump prevarication.

The Nation and the World, on January 6, 2021, were traumatically shocked at their witness of the ugly mob violence, in which, employees and police assigned to the Capitol, were violently attacked, [five killed]  and many others incurred; injuries, some permanently disabling; together with the historically symbolic, building, being angrily damaged and defaced. What had unprecedently transpired, in lieu of the foundational democratic institution of the peaceful transfer of office, was a  malign, Trump-inspired, Banana Republic style [failed] revolution.

It was apparent that most of the rioters were members of the various, despicable, bigoted, Nazi-style, Christian White Christian Supremacy organizations, who, in sync with Adolph Hitler, ardently, seek to eliminate, communities of color, Jews, and homosexuals. These groups are the recent bumper crop of degenerate descendants and successors to, the depraved Ku Klux Klan who worshiped Hitler’s drive to eliminate all minorities, especially, blacks and Jews. The pre-meditated, tactical encouragement of these terrorists by an elected American President, however ignorant, would normally, be rationally inconceivable.  Nevertheless, the facts show that Trump had verbally supported these Nazi mobs and had brazenly [and unsuccessfully], demanded military assistance for them. Consistent with such a depraved mindset, Trump had energetically opposed all reasonable efforts to remedy America’s historical mistakes, and, attain, as stated in its National mantra, equality for all.

[4] Efforts to illegally manipulate the popular vote:

In their utilization of the bizarre-like reality of Lewis Carroll’s “The Mad Hatter,” by or the gothic erratic nature, of a surreal novel by Franz Kafka, Trump, and his cult-like minions have fully ingested his autocratic style, “Big Lie”; viz., that the presidential election was “manipulated” and was “stolen” from him. In addition to the above-discussed insurrection, they have dedicatedly entered upon an anti-democratic mission to limit votes [notably, black votes], by making changes in voting procedure, eliminating drop boxes, curtailing mail-in votes, and interfering with established voting practices, which are tactically intended, and focused upon making voting difficult or impossible, for the members of America’s communities of color; whose votes have been acknowledged to have greatly assisted in Biden’s victory.

It seems to us that the dullest of minds and, presumably, the most intelligence- challenged of individuals, might see the obvious ignorance and transparently mindless hypocrisy, between the Republicans’ factually disproven claim of a Democratic Party interference with the popular vote in the Biden election, and their present, visible Nation-wide, program of publicly acknowledged interference with the votes of black citizens. They are engaged, unwittingly, and ignorantly, in an affirmative,  public performance of an actual, self-acknowledged rendition, of the [false] scenario of Trump’s “Big Lie.”

Since, reportedly, as much as, something less than fifty percent of the Nation, are devotees of the uncouth and profoundly ignorant, Donald J. Trump, we are beginning to ponder a new question, viz., as to whether the latter is their inspirational leader, or merely, an avatar?


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