It is conceivable that American citizens, normally accustomed to rational thinking and empirical consistency, have struggled with the accordance of the wholehearted support by Christian Evangelicals, who nominally espouse the law apocryphally inscribed in the Ten Commandments, to the extent of inquisitional mandate, on one hand, with their bedrock support of Donald Trump on the other. The latter, is not Biblically, or in any measure, compliant with the strictures, of moral decency or spiritual belief. During the Trump Presidency, the Evangelical Christians voted for him in two elections and essentially composed the bedrock of Trump’s strength. There is a bizarre complexity to these “strange bedfellows,” and a dose of historical and political fact may aid its credibility, if not, its acceptability.

The historical realignment of the Southern [Jim Crow, Segregationist] wing of the Democratic Party, [“The “Dixiecrats,”] to the Republican Party, in large measure, led to that Party’s perpetuation of the right-wing, Christian fear of social integration and a growing idealization of “Anglo Saxon” supremacy. The latter belief is one of the features in common with the newly expanded and segregationist, Republican Party, shared by Donald Trump. The latter was never known for his abiding religious faith, acceptable morality nor extensive breadth of knowledge; but rather, for his demagogic skills in communicating the memes of the Christian right, and his apparent agency in having judges appointed, whose views are in accord with the tenets of Christian White Supremacy.

Other such atavistic and prejudicial tenets are exemplified by nativism, racism, attacks on liberalism, political correctness, government programs of compassionate capitalism, abortion and birth control, environmentalism and global warming, immigration, separation of church and state, universal right to vote, equality of racial, gender and sexual identity, scientific preeminence over faith, liberal opposition to school prayer, evolutionary theory, sex education, critical race education, homosexuality and same-sex marriage, inter-racial marriage and secularism.

Because of Trump’s verbal espousal, or at least, the empirical utility, of his promotion of the above [un-American] tenets, and his apparent empirical success in having like-minded people appointed to the Judiciary, the otherwise, intractable right-wing religious devotees, have chosen to unprincipledly, exalt their political self-interest, over their fundamentally and constantly avowed, moral principles.

It is painfully obvious, that said Religious Right shamefully ignores the publicized, basic tenets of their avowed Christianity, which, apophatically, preaches universal brotherhood and empathic charity.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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