We have long agonized in vain, concerning the following bizarre conundrum: How is it rationally [or even, reasonably] possible that an ignorant, incapable, and neurotic troglodyte, like Donald J. Trump, can garner enough voter support to be elected to the American Presidency and thereafter, retain millions of ardent followers. In his execrable four-year term, he, inarguably, has met the required definitional criteria for such descriptive adjectives as incapable, ignorant, neurotically egocentric,  immoral, and bigoted. From a societal perspective, far more societally damaging, than this list of repulsive traits, congealed in his semi-amorphous conglomerate of errant persona, was Trump’s denigration of the foundational existence of “Truth,” notably exemplified by his own serial mendacity.

Donald J. Trump, together with his cultish followers occupy and mindlessly function inside the parameters of a new, uncharted, and undiscovered, dystopic dimension. As inhabitants of such singular dimension, they share identical predilections to subjective perception of [un]reality and [alternative] facts. This perverse Trump Dimension is inhabited anthropologically and culturally, by an ignorant, populist specious of atavistic or post- Neolithic man, collectively known by mainstream America, as “the underbelly.” Loyally, and fraternally eschewed in said dimensional zone are: expressions of intellectual thought, curiosity or progress, creativity, societal responsibility, empathy and sensitivity, established mores and reasonable behavior, factual reality, scientific endeavor and the search for knowledge, aesthetic appreciation of literature, art and serious music, acceptable taste in language and behavior, respect for truth, love of mankind and belief in universal equality and legal justice, the quest for international brotherhood, appropriate respect for reason or the development of mature perception.

The above cited traits are universally deemed to be societally objectionable, except for the inhabitants of the singular venue of the Trump Dimension; accordingly, the Nation’s shameful adherents to such execrable characteristics and values, [“the underbelly”] are long term or permanent residents of that dimension, faithfully rendering due homage to its orange-haired miscreant namesake.

When necessary to buttress any non-factual [“alternative truth”] assertions or declarations, all bonafide underbelly occupants of the Trump dimension, are enfranchised, if not, duty-bound, to freely assert any, casually conceived alternative facts or to conjure up some unsupported conspiracy which will have an assured and reflexive, universal acceptance by other Underbelly Members. Two of such illustrations are evinced by the myth that “liberals” are worshippers of Satan and, and child sex traffickers, or, that there is a Zionist conspiracy to take over the World, funded by George Soros. However,  in our view, the most serious and damaging of such schizoid delusions to date, was the mythically concocted, charge of fraud, allegedly  perpetrated by the supporters of Biden, who were falsely accused of a  purported rigging of the voter totals, thus stealing the victory from Trump, [irrespective of its accurate tabulation in three professional certifications]. 

On January 6, 2021, hundreds of angry militant and riotous denizens of the Donald Trump alternative dimension, violently [upon invitation by the miscreant Trump], embarked on an unprecedented  [but failed] attempt to “stop the victory of Donald J. Trump from being stolen” by  storming the Washington, D.C. Capitol Building. They were successful in loudly and violently, shouting their deluded message, in also the perpetration  of four homicides, many serious  personal injuries and damage to government property, but were denied their delusional victory. Joseph Biden, purported protagonist of their false accusations of fraud, was properly and constitutionally declared, President of the United States.

We are mindful of the dreaded possibility that the faux- “patriotic” members of the Trump Underbelly might launch a second attempt to revisit their previous failure, by a reprised attempted coup and may be, conceivably, expectantly awaiting another martial invitation from the neurotic and multi-delusional Trump. Nevertheless, we maintain the expectation that, in the existential interest of the preservation of our democracy, sufficient punitive and deservedly retributive justice will be meted out to all riot participants and their inciters, inclusive of the Orange-haired Nero, which will serve as an effective and enduring deterrent.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.


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