Welcome back to the Dark Ages. You came at a most propitious time. You can witness the subsidence of a deadly plague and as an extra bonus, attend a public ex-communication [Cong. Liz Chaney] for the proven commission of public acts of heresy. We are certain that you will be well pleased and profoundly fortified in your evangelic enterprise.

The current, superseding, Holy Testament, the “Gospel of Trump” has recently attracted millions of ardent devotees and is the new prevailing faith. It conveniently substitutes simply bowing at the altar of Trump, for the wasteful and bothersome act of consulting and referring to accumulated factual knowledge. In contrast, the sole requirement of the religious canon of this new and convenient dogma is an unwavering belief in proclamations of Donald J. Trump, albeit, flexibly altered from time to time. Appropriately devout, religious shrines have been established at Palm Beach’s Mar-A-Lago and the Fifth Avenue Trump Building for devotional services.

In the past, all organized religions, and even enlightened agnosticism, have consistently and unreasonably demanded some acceptable standard of literacy. In organized religion, the devotee was tasked with reading what is called ”The Good Book,” also, prayerbooks, psalms sheets, copies of sermons, and Church notices. The agnostic was expected to study enlightened essays and literature. In the New and (and popular) Gospel, by merciful contrast, the sole demand is unwavering faith the [unsupported, inconsistent] words of the Deity-like, Donald J. Trump. In this special and rarified instance, the words, “Faith” and “Knowledge” are markedly synonymous and empirically redundant. Keeping posted with Trump is staying currently informed; any reality to the contrary is definitionally false and illusionary, schizophrenic, or, frighteningly worse, heretical.

We would describe “Religion” essentially, as a socio-cultural system of identifiable or designated behavior and practice, morality, belief, ethics, and worldview. A religionist, when philosophically or logically required, will eternally be most willing, to obediently substitute faith for factual or empirical knowledge. The contemporary, mindless sycophantic followers of the new Orange Oracle, constitute more than a “cult,” [as previously designated]. By reason of its expansive numbers and general impact, we would, now more accurately, categorize the bizarre phenomenon, as a  “Religion.”

Incredibly, our Nation’s Constitutional structure of a two-party system must now be said to have atrophied into the bizarre phenomenon of one political party, and a religious opposition, viz., Trumpism. The latter, inclusive of groups of white Nationalist bigots and other deluded, “pseudo-patriots,” most of whom are poorly educated and reductively ignorant. No conceivably worse nightmare could have been contemplated by our Founding Fathers who, keenly aware of the tragic historical experience of Europe, wisely and scrupulously, refrained from any reference to a Deity in the Constitution. One wise founder declared, When you put God in, you put man [“Rationality”] out.

Only in this “Mad Hatter” epoch, or perhaps, in this advent of a reprised” Dark Ages,” could Donald J. Trump, the triple-certified loser of the last Presidential election, be able, with the assistance of his loyal base[ the inadequately educated or informed, reductively ignorant, flat-earth population] and, perhaps, some holy orange incantations, to transmogrify himself into a populist religious deity, requiring as proof of religious affiliation, the acceptance of his unreasonable claim of a fraudulent election.

The newly designated Deity angrily proclaimed to his devotees that Deities do not lose elections and so,  by logical consequence it follows, that the election victory was stolen from him by a fraudulent vote count [the ”Big Lie”]. As a Trump invited, zealous reaction, witnessed with profound shock, on public television, large masses of the outraged and deranged faithful, angrily erupted on January 6, 2021, by perpetrating an unprecedented and violent religious jihad, against the Capitol Building, causing death, injury, substantial damage to the building, and far worse, existential damage to the moral institution of Republican Democracy. The shock expressed by mainstream America responsive to this outrageous and felonious act, unfortunately, did not, it appears, mitigate against a new “shibboleth” [litmus] test, the belief in a “stolen vote” for Republican Party acceptability. This development is consistent with the referenced, delusional, completely unsupported, declaration, tactically issued by their newly crowned Deity; the latter, in reality, an ignorant, incapable, immoral practitioner of serial mendacity.

The American Nation and every one of its responsible citizens are morally and existentially mandated to take immediate appropriately deterrent action, against those who encouraged, and those who participated in the insurrection, viz., the “Christian while Nationalists,” ”The Proud Boys,” “The Oath Keepers” and the other affiliated and non-affiliated, delusional unAmerican and bigoted adherents, to the new and odious gospel of Trump, lest this perilous and shameful dark moment in our history, disgracefully metastasize to the degeneration of our admirable and improving Republican Democracy, to an atavistic, autocratic Banana Republic.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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