Post # 620 LETTER ELVIRA SWINE TO PAM DEMIC (Spring, 2021)

Wistful Vista, Ohio

Dear Pam,

It was good to receive your last letter and to know that you and Fred and the chickens, Miss Henrietta and Mr. Purvis are well and happy (ha! ha !,  just fooling about the chickens). Two things. First a correction-the Preacher that replaced Rev. Snarl, because of his worsened hemorrhoids, (the new one with the bad hiccoughs and the bad lisp)  is named Rev. Abendigo Chuzzlewit – not, what you wrote, Mishak Abendego. You must have been in mind of the Bible story or the song.  Second, if you feel that you’re across the road neighbors, Reggie (I’ll bet $5 its “Reginald”) and Serena Salpeter are so strange, then, why not invite them and their two sons, Jason and Mason also, over some evening soon for supper. You can, finally, make your famous rhubarb-apple pie and she could bring some of her butter cookies and ask questions during coffee. Tell them not to bring along their “smelly” pet goat, because, besides the lose- your- appetite smell, he will surely rile up and raise feathery hell with the two pet chickens.

Even though we live so far apart, the two girls want to know about the Salpeter boys’ ages. I don’t know but that young girls are so different these days.

Talking about our new (replacement) Preacher, he lives right here in the neighborhood and they say that he and his wife are always fussing real loud so that the local parishioners can hear them. It must be a real howl to hear that same hiccoughing, lisping voice who delivers the regular Sunday morning sermons, raise holy hell (just fooling again!) with the Missus.

Spring has finally arrived in Wistful Vista- the yellow daffodils and the forsythia are having a ball. I am going to divide my red potted geraniums this afternoon just as soon as I buy another bag of potting soil.

Best wishes to you and Fred and write back soon.


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