As we view the bizarre contemporary scene, it would seem that, given an appropriately receptive audience, a tactically convincing speaker could successfully maintain that fireflies are powered by a naturally occurring wireless internet; that owls are alien- monitored intelligence gatherers, or, even perhaps, that Dungeness crabs can do intermediate algebra. It took but four years of Donald J. Trump to disabuse his large cultish base of the principal, that objective facts do not exist, but that real factual accuracy is a matter of self-interested suggestive determination.

It is mandatory and definitional that in a Democratic Republic all citizens of legal age possess the right to vote for their own representation and leadership. It is equally presumed that a losing incumbent, President will peacefully and dutifully hand over the occupation of the Oval Office to the winner, his chosen successor. This is a systemic and characteristic feature of our republican political system. We credit Donald J. Trump with his characteristic failure to observe political propriety.

Since the Official proclamation of Joe Biden as the winner, Trump has grudgingly and neurotically failed to acknowledge his defeat, but has instead, gracelessly and irrationally concluded that the election was a fraud and that his actual victory was stolen [“Stop the steal”] by the Democrats. Like the audience required for credibility of the firefly assertion of its reliance on the wireless computer for its lighting phenomenon or that of the California crabs doing intermediate algebra, Trump’s cultish base believed Trump and set out to reverse the “stolen election result” [at his express instance] by the unprecedented commission of a large, violent, and criminal insurrection at the Washington Capitol Building.

The shameful event caused five homicides, a great many injuries, some permanent, destruction of property, including historical artifacts, as well as to the building itself. The most enduring injury was the essential threat imposed on our democratic system of government. The large and angry (Trump-inspired) mob was finally put down; but the Trump underbelly of the Nation, together with Members of Congress were not done in their malicious attempts to overturn the election. Their spurious claims of election improprieties were factually disproven by no less than three separate audits conducted by disinterested, independent firms, who certified the election as accurate and proper. A plethora of lawsuits alleging election fraud was summarily dismissed, as completely without merit. Courts, traditionally, do not believe stories about fireflies.

The Trump supporters, as expected, private citizen and politician, systemically unaffected by objective facts, persisted, with  Trump’s neurotic and egocentric encouragement, to wave, nonetheless, the tattered flag of “election fraud”. Most American citizens pay homage to factual accuracy and know that the objective findings were unanimous in certifying the election as sound in procedure and outcome. In point of fact, the only election misbehavior publicly demonstrated is Trump’s illegal and fraudulent telephone calls to the Secretary of State and Governor of Georgia, two of his sycophants, requesting them to alter the tally of the Georgia Presidential vote. This legally is known as ”chuzpah.”

By the same logic that would confer on Dungeness crabs, the ability to do intermediate algebra, the Trump camp, observing that the black vote in large part, supported Biden, that the alleged voter irregularities could be eliminated by hobbling the votes of American black citizens. This is detestable bigotry, camouflaged as prevention of fraud. Fireflies, again. What does an unconstitutional and immoral program of prevention of the black vote have to do with voter fraud?

It is painfully obvious that interference with the votes of black citizens is, evidently the prejudicial attempt to curb the black vote, which logically and for sensible reasons, supported the Democratic candidate. This perverse program was immorally and successfully performed in Georgia, by Kemp supporters, to defeat Stacey Abrams, and the sainted “protectors” of the American right to vote, have designed this abominable National policy to [hypocritically] tamper with the vote and undermine democracy. Trump [ cult’s] policy is to enact legislation and voter regulations that are designed to disproportionately affect voters of color. This, indeed, is election rigging fraud, perpetrated by the fraudulent election, religious inquisition itself.

Thus, numerous changes in voting hours, voting days, limitation of absentee ballots, removal, limitation, and strategic location of ballot drop boxes, all of which, tactically configured to impose stress on the voting habits of black citizens have been in the Republican legislative works, (353 enactments in 40 States) making voting difficult and inconvenient for black fellow citizens. Extreme laws, such as the prohibition of bringing water or food, to a prospective voter, waiting on an extremely long line [caused by the draconian voting strictures designed to limit the vote of persons of color] have been enacted to misrepresent the American vote; by self-appointed protectors of voting fairness.

Maybe fireflies do light up with power derived from the wireless internet.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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