The reader is doubtless familiar with the violent and treasonous storming of the United States Capitol Building, January 6, 2021, by a mob of hate-motivated and Trump-inspired faithful. The insurrection took place admittedly in response to Trump’s publicly communicated, behest, following his prior unsuccessful and undemocratic attempts to overturn the results of the recent Presidential election. The uniform and dedicated battle cry of the insurgents, was an exact replication of Trump’s propagandic, mantra, “Stop the Steal.” The angry battle cry, in civilized English, meant, prevent by force, the day’s scheduled certification by the Electoral College of a fraudulently elected Candidate, Joseph Biden. In truth and in complete negation of Trump’s tactical employment of the Fascistic ploy, “The Big Lie,” the Election count was certified as accurate, by no less than three separate independent auditing firms. The context and occurrence of this unprecedented insurrection were in embarrassing contrast to America’s consistent, post-election, democratic history, of the peaceful transfer of power.

The large, virulently angry mob, visibly and noisily, composed of Trump-inspired miscreants, was inclusive of such bigoted and pernicious groups as, White Nationalists, “Oath keepers,” the “Proud Boys” and other unwholesome and pestilential gangs, joined by several hundreds of unaffiliated, angry individuals, demonstrably, in hypnotic sync with the other insurgents. All participants were zealously receptive to Trump’s egregious call to arms and supportive of his delusional and unamerican quest to overturn a free American election. When apprehended and questioned, the uniform response of the rioters was some nuanced version of “Trump invited me,” or a self-justified attempt at understandable mitigation, with reference to the “call” of Donald Trump, as if he were their irresistible, Pied Piper.

The ugly and unprecedented event resulted in five deaths, a great many injuries [some permanent],   destruction of property, damage to the building itself, spoilage of valuable historic treasures, smashed windows, ransacked offices and angrily scattered books, and records. We must not omit the publicized, National “black eye,” presumably celebrated by the rioters, but publicly and effectively, constituting an existential danger to our unique democracy. Many of the insurrectionists had weapons, carried Confederate and Donald Trump flags, and wore Trump imprinted shirts. Congressmen who were present in the building, their staffs, and Capital Building employees, testified to personal experiences of traumatic fear and urgent attempts to hide during the frightening pendency of the siege.

It is disturbingly ironic to us, even Kafkaesque, to consider the bizarre reality that the only incidents of voter irregularities, included those [as revealed at the extensive Mueller Commission Hearings] consisting of conspiratorial and improper behavior, between Russia’s autocratic leader, Putin, and Trump, in the earlier election, to advance Trump’s chances of victory. In the recent election, Trump [alone] committed voter fraud by [television witnessed] telephonic requests, to the Secretary of State and to the Governor of Georgia, to “find,” in Trump’s electoral interest, a determinative number of voters needed to reverse the Biden victory in that State. Additional misbehavior consisted of the many Trump- lobbied efforts to reduce or purge the voting lists of minorities. The perverse actions of this pathological liar, many indeed, televised to the public, were the only determined instances of election fraud. Notwithstanding the objectively shown facts, Trump, himself, unashamedly and insanely, cried foul [“Stop the steal”] falsely accusing [projecting onto] his opponent his inclination to acts of election fraud. It is beyond the pale of imagination that, as objectively shown by the bizarrely misrepresented circumstances, he [the defrauder] should perversely claim election fraud; and even worse, to observe that such irrational claims were religiously believed, by mobs of angry, disaffected individuals.

We are satisfied to learn from the media that the hundreds of felonious participants in the insurrection are being investigated and, as appropriate, will be criminally charged by the authorities. Yet, above all, we are ineluctably concerned that the authorities calcify their backbones, and, at long last, render fitting and appropriately harsh justice regarding the sociopathic Donald J. Trump. In addition to his previous four years of manifold criminal acts, he, incontrovertibly, was the despicable and toxic puppet master who premeditatively, and tactically, manipulated the January 6, responsive, “Manchurian Candidate” style, hypnotic puppets, who, in compliance with his malevolent summons, obediently wreaked lethal havoc on our Capital Building and, conceivably, on the institution of Democracy, itself.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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