We would fundamentally, pose two basic principles which, inarguably, have universally affirmative and undeniable acceptance among every American citizen, without exception.

First: Democracy is a system of government by which the ultimate power is vested in the people and exercised by them through a system of representatives selected by periodically free elections, and,

Second: The foundational principle of the election process, is that it must reflect the free expression of the will of all the people.

Additionally, incontrovertible is the fact that universal voting is declared and protected in the Constitution of the United States Constitution, Arts. 15th,  19th and 26th which expressly mandate that the voting rights of any U.S. Citizen cannot be abridged on account of race, color, country of origin, sex, or age ( the latter, if over age 18). These vital and fundamental principles, unfortunately, by dint of empirical necessity have been reinforced in the Nation’s Voting Rights Act of 1925. Notably, the Supreme Court, Chief Justice Earl Warren once again, clearly articulated the basic definitional, democratic principle of “one man, one vote.”

Yet,  it appears that most Republican political leaders and Congressmen, have been actively bent on challenging, or seeking to limit, the free and universal right to the voting franchise albeit, in obvious premeditative violation of the Constitution and the Voting Rights Act, with the affirmative endorsement of its supporters. This phenomenon exists, in bizarrely inconsistent fashion. despite their awareness and principled support of the foundational American principle that the franchise to vote was expressly intended to secure the reflection of the will of “all” the people.

Indeed, since the end of the disgraceful term of Donald J. Trump, the Nation has observed an increased impetus in many not-so-subtle efforts on the part of the Republican Party, as well as its sycophant followers, to conspiratorially and selectively, reduce votes by means of various nefarious anti-democratic artifices. The tactically, and visibly intended targets, are Americans of color since it appears that said Nation’s minority voters were an essential element included among the principled and numerical reasons for the loss of the Election by Trump and the elevation of Joseph Biden and Kamila Harris (the latter a black woman) to the Oval Office.

The Republican Party’s ungraceful and un-American response to the election loss has been expressed, atavistically and undemocratically, by various illegal and unconstitutional programs to limit the votes of minorities, as stated, especially, Americans of color. These repugnant tactics are shamelessly reminiscent of the former, institutionally, anti-black Southern Wing of the Democratic Party circa.  1948, (the “Dixiecrats”) which bolted from the Democratic Party, largely over the issue of segregation. 

This populist, Republican, undemocratic program was preceded by absurd propaganda in the reminiscent memory of the Fascist tactic of “the big lie,”  viz., falsely declaring the Biden victory to be a product of fraud and artifice;  notwithstanding the uniform conclusion of no less than three recognized, independent, and professionally qualified auditors, to the effect that the election was fairly conducted and accurately computed.

It would thus empirically appear, to be easier for the anti-democratic, Trump supporters to seek to invalidate a fair American election, than in fact to win it, fairly and legally. These ignorant tribal adherents, despite their frequent articulation of pretentions to (some perverted form of) “patriotism,” seem to be unconcerned that their attack upon the American vote possibly, might create an imminent crisis of existential danger to the fundamental cornerstone of American Republican Democracy.

Reportedly, two hundred and fifty proposed bills have been shamelessly filed throughout the Nation with the (express) intention of restricting the number of minority votes. Hours and access to voting centers have been tactically limited, tailored to the proponents’ perceptive experience of black voters, who work full time and attend religious services, that they are often among the poor of our country and have limited transportation facilities and  less ownership of items of electronic communication. These immoral and undemocratic, black-focused tactics also include limitation of mail-in or absentee ballots, limitation of the number and change in location of “drop-off” ballot boxes, purposeful shortening of the hours for voting, tactical misrepresentation, cynically targeted administrative roadblocks, and other un-American and reprehensibly pseudo-subtle strategies to materially hobble the minority vote.

Our suggested paradox is as follows. If one were to inquire of any one of these “modern-day Dixiecrats,” whether he sincerely believes in the basic two American principles, cited at the outset of this writing, our money is on an enthusiastic and ardently expressed affirmative. This phenomenon is unmistakably text-book cognitive dissonance.

We wonder whether pharmaceutical science would be willing to, in the public interest, apply its recently confirmed marvelous capability, to the pathology of schizophrenic political morality.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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