For the limited purpose of highlighting the subject matter of this writing, let us engage for the moment, in a fictional stroll through that huge, well-attended, hall of THE MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY, which features many life-like “panoramas” of re-created ( by taxidermy) animals, portrayed in their recreated, respective natural habitats. In our fantasy stroll, we unexpectedly come upon a newly installed exhibit, (strangely, of a small group of humans) apparently, labeled by the Curators of the Museum Anthropology Department: “CHRISTIAN WHITE SUPREMACIST,” [Modern Era, sub-Species Domestic]. For further edification, there is an information placard hung to the left of the lighted exhibit, reciting:” homo sapiens; species: “beserka,” worldwide breeding range, multiple varieties, bi-pedal, omnivorous, selectively predatory, unpredictably volatile, Neolithic intelligence. The museum exhibit had effect of raising questions as to the bizarre exhibit itself, and to a restorative recollection of past experiences on its subject.

We would candidly make the express disclaimer that, unlike sociologists and other professionally qualified experts, on the subject of Christian White Supremacism, we rely, solely and entirely, upon our deductions derived from anecdotal experience and the literature.

It is our perception that Christian White Supremacists are fundamentally, loners, emotionally insular and apart from others, inclusive of those, jointly included in that pernicious population; they do appear to be capable of having situational brothers-in-arms or “buddies,” but as perceived by us, are utterly incapable of true and intimate “friendship.” The latter relationship requires personal qualities such as empathy, unselfishness, confidence, shared sense of humor and disinterested affection, none of which is on the list of ingredients of the insular, eternally angry, gun-toting Supremacist.

Despite a mandatory façade of “cool,” it has been our observation, that internally, they are hot boiling cauldrons of anger, conceivably, founded upon some past experiences of disappointment and frustration, the etiology of which might possibly have its roots in familial, (i.e., lack of required early nurturance, abusive or alcoholic father), romantic or sexual experience or recognized general incompetence. The disturbing results are productive of frustration, anger, insecurity and self-hate, which reactions seem to be dealt with by the creative projection of calumny onto others,  “rich Jews make us poor,” white skin is an indication of superiority over dark, especially black skin,” “liberals are Communists and Socialists” (as if the combination were ever possible), homosexuality is an anathema, America is controlled by Jews, or the coastal elites, immigration of Mexicans and Central Americans and the colored races are “mongrelizing” our (white) country. Profound personal insecurity, appears additionally,  to render the individual vulnerable to defensively supportive, albeit irrational, tropes and to the shared confirmation of ignorant and reductionist views of others with dominant and ostensibly confident persona.

This is our understood genesis of “tribal” mutuality, which offers neurotically needed acceptance and comfort, through  “group think.” It is our view that such origins of fear and lonely feelings of insecurity also provide the psychological basis for the ardent desire to own firearms; the more destructive, the better. The coexistence of a conglomerate group with low personal esteem in common, and the insecure need for reliance upon groupthink, are fertile fields for the snake-oil demagogue and the enhancement of bigotry and hatred. Given some manufactured cause, and the call to some irrationally perceived and shared, faux patriotic duty, to address the cause, and the ingredients are present, to create the flammable tinderbox. Add a perniciously tactical, sociopathic, and demagogic leader, such as Donald Trump, to actually strike the match, and the result will be, as recently seen, in the criminal insurrection at the Washington Capital Building. The foregoing is not intended to imply that such troubled persons need always act in concert, viz., Timothy McVey, the Uni Bomber, et al.

Complicating, but in no degree, mitigating, the aberrant criminal behavior of such “domestic terrorists,” acting under the banner of Christian White Nationalists, is the regrettably large number of Christian Evangelical Churches that continue to oppose Civil Rights. Apparently, hundreds, if not  thousands, of Churches, favor segregation and tactically employ, not- so- subtle messages and  dog-whistle euphemistic tropes, in their  sermons such as:  “Protecting our community,” “Saving Western Civilization,” or, “We are losing our country.” Such Churches view slavery as authorized by the King James Bible, and so, toxically influence millions of Church-affiliated Christians. We would also note that The King James Bible, which is universally considered by Christians as the ultimate reference to authoritative, ultimate (God’s inspired) answers to moral problems, by virtue of its flexibility of interpretation, is as well, cited by people in opposition to the moral monstrosity of owning other human beings. If racism is to be rationally comprehended and eliminated, the significant, popular interaction between religion and racism needs to be universally acknowledged.  

With reference to Christian Evangelicals who consider that the ownership of other human beings (who happen to be born with more melanin coloring in their epidermal tissues than they) as moral and righteously within the preachments of Jesus, we can, optimistically, suggest some ameliorative and consciousness-raising solutions. These would include interracial participation in holiday celebrations, dinners, picnics and events, membership in interracial organizations (including right-thinking churches) and social clubs; getting to know and identify with each other, is a predictable route to the dispelling of dark ages mythology. We also especially recommend the pursuit of relevant education.

We would now return to the above referenced recent museum panoramic exhibition, viz., the militant variety of the North American species of Christian White Supremacists. Based upon our perceptive understanding of their psychologically systemic need for the extreme and violent assertion of irrational and biased tropes, we would assume that any proposed solution, short of psychiatric therapy and if indicated, relevant medication, would be ineffective. To the extent that we can perceive, the underlying problems are, undoubtedly, deep, and of long duration.

Those that cannot be helped should be kept under surveillance and incarcerated, when clearly called for, in the interest of the protection of the public. As future deterrence to repeat offenders, licenses should be revoked, including drivers’ licenses and, notably, gun ownership.

In addition, as stated in previous writings, the mandatory vetting of all candidates for high political office, would prevent the appearance of another Trump-like, shameful inciter to insurrection, and, importantly, be of general benefit the Nation.

We would look forward to a time, when this panoramic exhibit, will, at long last, be transferred to the Museum’s Hall of Extinct Mammals.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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