An insightful examination of man’s history from paleolithic to the present, reveals the repetitive existence of a subjective, man- made construct, of death followed by a miraculous resurrection to renewed life. The phenomenon might conceivably, today retain its psychological relevance by reason of  man’s eternal awareness and abiding fear of an irreversible mortality.

The widespread ancient adherents to the worship of the Sun God may have established the original basis for the universally seasonal folkways and perennial observances, persisting today, originally founded on the construct of mortality followed by the resumption of continuing life. The devout Sun God worshippers, perennially observed that shortly after the conclusion of the warm season, the Sun God, became mortally ill, as convincingly evidenced by the falling of leaves and death of vegetation, the decline in temperature, shortening of daily sunlight and an observed scarcity of ambient animals. The sole flora, miraculously surviving were the evergreen trees.

Faithfully and predictably, after a sufficient period of sincere, devotional practice of the relevantly designated rituals, especially including those involving the magically living evergreen trees (now, our traditional Christmas trees), suitable chanting and overtly demonstrated obeisance, the Sun God would   be restored to health; such resurrection clearly evident by the rebirth of  the Earth’s growth of vegetation, the thawing and running of streams and brooks, the return of woodland animals, like the deer and the bunny (Easter) rabbit. The Earth, it seems, was the first protagonist in the theatrical presentation of the eternal and universal theme of death and resurrection.

As parenthetically indicated above, such eternal theme provides, the structurally narrative basis for the religious observance of our Christmas and Easter holidays, but also, for our cinematic and literary traditions; dealing in near death and life, the triumph of good over seemingly implacable evil, the “good guys,” ultimately prevailing over the ”bad guys” and, in the commonplace, cinematic reversal of situational hopelessness to the relief of a happy ending. Dorothy, almost invariably, returns to Kansas.

Instructive examples of non-fictional,  effectively political mortality may be seen in autocratic and repressive regimes like China, North Korea, Russia, Myanmar, as well as several countries in Africa and the Caribbean. Resurrection can be observed in the modern-day German Republic and the peaceful resolution of national and religious hostilities in Ireland. 

In our estimation, the damage suffered, to our Nation, by Donald Trump’s egregious term of office, to  its previous high standing among Nations, to the societally existential, institution of truth, to the office of the American Presidency, itself, to progress toward universal equality for all of our citizens, black, brown and white, to the Rule of Law, and by the fatal results of his malpractice and profound ignorance, in the mishandling of the pandemic, by his publicly demonstrated disregard of the American compass of morality, by his degradation of education and scientific knowledge, by his shameful lack of traditional American empathy for the needy and those in emergent need of  immigration, his opposition to the right of a woman to own and manage her own body free of  dystopian governmental  restrictions, his irresponsible lack of concern and necessary action regarding environmental stewardship and the existential danger to our planet from scientifically proven climate change, his appalling record in the area of race relations and unity, and perpetration of  bigotry and divisiveness, and his attack on the cornerstone of  the architecture of our Republican Democracy. It is a likelihood, that a second term of such poorly run, egregious and unprecedented Presidency, would have been responsible for the eventual destruction of the Constitutional Separation of Powers, the Rule of Law, the free media, any realistic hope for progress in civil rights, and would deal the final, fatal blow to our democracy..

Like the ancient Sun God, whose dire perennial infirmity was regularly reversed by the advent of Spring, we are analogously confident that, analogous to  the dynamics of the original ancient construct of death and resurrection evinced in religion and the arts, our seriously ailing Nation will be fully resurrected and restored to good health, owing to the salubrious institution of the quadrennial Presidential  vote. Its awaited rejuvenation  will be predictably celebrated, considering the successful election of Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris to the Offices of the Presidency and Vice-Presidency.

*Apologies for the use of the title to Gustav Mahler


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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