The feeling of grateful and profound relief, consequent to the merciful and long- awaited defeat of Donald F. Trump, is a felt timely impetus for a proffered analytical perception of the persona behind the unprecedented, embarrassing and dreadful period of his (thankfully) single term in office. Any attempted comparison between Trump and any of our historic Presidents, would seem to be a fruitless endeavor; we have had Chiefs of State that varied from excellent to poor, but the term of this President, elevated to Office  by the unpredictable, nuance of the popular vote, has been determined by expert political scientists, to be singularly dangerous to the institution of democracy and to the Nation.

Considering the number of our past writings on Trump’s demonstrated incapacity, ignorance, serial mendacity, neurotic egocentrism and innate dishonesty, any further treatment of his perverse incapacity to serve as President, would be duplicative and unproductive. We have also written on the subject of his majestic transmogrification to the Oval Office, generally ascribing the causes of his victory, to to the insufficient numbers of Democratic supporters for his opponent, Hillary Clinton, the unprecedented large vote of the dissatisfied, inadequately educated, “flat earth,” reductionist portion of our population, vulnerable to the “snake oil” promises of Trump and his minions, and financed by the anti-regulation, mega-rich industrial air polluters who psychopathically value profits, over human life. In the present writing we would prefer to concentrate on the persona of Trump, as we see him, and the ensuing Sophoclean Tragedy of past four years of his Presidency.

At the end of the first two years of his Presidency, the Gallop poll reported that his approval was the lowest of any American President since World War 2. His serial mendacity popularly became a distinctive part of his personal identity. In fact, the responsible media utilized the word “lies,” reportedly, for the first time in history, in reference to an American President. Indeed, political experts, throughout his term in office, often designated Trump’s performance emphatically, as an imminent danger to democracy.

 Based upon our cursory research efforts, it would appear that Donald J. Trump (and offspring) inherited a familial sociopathic persona, going back reportedly, to no less than three successive generations. This innate trait consistently exalted the importance of profit making and financial success (“winning”) far above mainstream morality, business ethics, familial fidelity, and respect for other human beings (especially, other racial groups). Considerations of empathy and societal morality was usefully absent and would have interfered with their sole, innate and overriding inclination toward monetary success.

Falsely holding himself out to the general public as a business guru, he has in fact, suffered six bankruptcies and innumerable lawsuits for non-payment to contractors. He has been legally censured regarding several public fraudulent enterprises, including his licensed brand name enterprises, such as liquor and a sham school, based upon his misrepresented record of purported real estate successes, arrogantly named, “Trump University.”

His misrepresented persona and business record led him to be accepted as a principal in beauty contests and a second rate television  show (2014-2015) the “Apprentice,” where, as to both, it is to be noted the underlying and sole issues were “winning and “losing,”  the totality of his narrow conception of meaningful reality. Trump got himself deferred from the military by successfully alleging two “bone spurs” with the assistance of a well- paid physician. He has often publicly referred to members of the military as “suckers” and to those captured, tortured or killed as “losers,” including the Nation’s celebrated hero, U.S. Sen. John McCain. Referring to the captured and extensively tortured McCain, he shamelessly and revealingly stated: “I don’t respect losers who let themselves be captured.”

No one need wonder at the infantile, noisy merry-go-round of absurd defenses and fictional accusations, asserted by the ego crushed, mortally wounded Trump, and his deluded sycophants, resulting from his resounding loss to Joseph Biden. To this undeserved but formerly transmogrified, know- nothing palooka, former host of a second- rate television game show and real estate gonif- extraordinaire, value in life consists solely of two reductive phenomena, winning or losing. We are joyful that this obnoxious disgrace to  American manhood has lost; and that America has won.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.


  1. Thank you, Pliny, for this summary of Trump’s many crimes and regressions. I wonder what it will take for him to leave. I look forward to that day. It is unfortunate that Biden’s inauguration is in January and not this week.


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