Writers, in the print media, have all but, uniformly, conferred upon President Donald J, Trump, the following descriptions, sexual predator, self-identified sexual assaulter, draft dodger, non-taxpayer, illiterate reductionist, ignorant, snake-oil demagogue, misogynist, bigot, compulsive liar, sociopath, bully, mocker of the disabled and needy, briber, cheat, anti-science and denier of climate change, insecure, childish, neurotic and delusional egomaniac, self-glorifier,  cruel and completely lacking in empathy, inept and incapable, grossly negligent and other like attributions.

Such references to this, loathsome, orangutan despot, are unfortunately, all too accurate, and empirically, confirmed by his noxious acts and statements; which, to our chagrin, have caused inestimable damage to the historic, universal perception of American strength, and standing among nations, founded in its moral rectitude.

Among the infinite plethora of reprehensible acts, there are two, particularly, shocking and unmistakably revealing, that, in our view, are the most descriptive of his complete lack of moral compass, sense of human morality and basic decency.

The first, and to us, the most unforgettable and defining act, was Trump’s cruel public burlesque, performed by him, on prime time television, in which he physically mimicked, in a shameless and tawdry, mocking performance, at a press conference, a questioning, newspaper reporter, who sadly, displayed the unattractive and extreme, symptoms of cerebral palsy. Trump’s ugly, and insensitive, caricatured, performance, of the disabled reporter, resembles the repulsive and primitively, cruel act, of an obnoxious, neighborhood  bullying, street urchin. In addition to all the representative and repulsive, adjectival disgrace, set forth, above, to continue to speak, grammatically, this American icon, lacks even a modicum of the most basic civilized, noun, decency.

The second most revealing and reprehensible act, was his recent command, issued to the capitol police, to forcibly clear the path to a Washington D.C. Church, in order that he might shamefully, pose, brandishing a copy of the Christian Bible (upside down) like an admonishing prophet from the “Book of Lamentations” to a penitent and remorseful assemblage or congregation.

We will not expend time in reference to the Constitutional inappropriateness of the ignorant and indecent act, as chief executive of a Nation where the absolute separation of Church and State, is Constitutionally and philosophically, sacrosanct. We would prefer, at present, to refer to the ignorant act as, yet one more of his, attempted, deceitful, snake-oil salesman, misrepresentations.

The Bible, even considering all of its flaws, does not, to any degree, condone womanizing and adultery, bribery, cheating, mendacity, lack of empathy, cruelty, selfishness, dishonesty, lack of respect for the elderly and handicapped, disrespect for learning, ignorance, egotism, sociopathy, rejection of strangers, family separations, mistreatment of the planet and its natural resources, disloyalty, arbitrary rule and the many Trump malevolent qualities.

If it were not so monstrously, misrepresentative and supremely, fraudulent, it would be farcical. The Dean of miscreants, and cheats, holding in the manner, like a Prophet of Old, the elevated (purported) Guide, or Field Book for moral, or Christian living, and personally, showing the way to the ultimate Providence.

So many deluded Americans, in the past, reportedly, voted for him, based on their personal disappointment with their life (as subjectively, projected, “with the establishment”). We are hopeful that these unhappy folk, will seek their betterment, hereafter, in an alternative fashion, then their support of the demonstrated, Nation damaging, experience of that egotistic, icon of pretentious worthlessness, Mr. Donald J. Trump.



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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

One thought on “Post # 513 AMERICAN ICON”

  1. Dear Pliny
    This is such a beautiful summary and actually gives me hope that perhaps the previous voters will see Trump for who he is and see through his false promises.

    One thing I didn’t agree with is your making him analogous to the ‘orangutan’ whom I respect much more.

    Also, another point I disagree with: the history of the United States is far from seen abroad as a mode of morality. Far from it. But that is not to say that this is not a truly dark time.

    Thank you for another thought provoking post!


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