Post #508      PICKING AT THE SCAB (editorial)

The surprise attack and degree of ensuing success of the novel, and potentially fatal, 2019-2020, coronavirus pandemic has been, in no small part, the beneficiary of America’s misplaced priorities, and lack of responsible official oversight. The ignorance, egotism and total incapacity of the Trump Administration, provided in decisive effect, the same pernicious and disabling impact, as would a cadre of enemy fifth columnists; in its senseless dismissal of a special watchdog agency, tasked with the responsibility of advance notification of worldwide epidemics, in tandem with its generally, ignorant denigration of scientific (and other, academic) research.

The subject pandemic, as of the date of this writing, reportedly, has steadily increased in our Nation, to the ((known) alarming amount of 1,655, 691 deaths, and 97,812, infected. It has been officially reported that to date, the figures of infected people in New York State, is 362,764. (however, due to the gross malpractice of the Trump administration, there are serious shortages of testing equipment (among other things) accordingly, the figures of the infected may be understated.) We read today, that the number of cases of coronavirus is alarmingly rising in five Southern States. The World Health Organization has publically declared, that we need to be cognizant, that simply because the numbers may appear to indicate, in some areas, that the virus is on the way down, it is vitally necessary to continue to maintain our protective protocols, (sheltering in place, masks, distancing, sanitary practices).

It is our disconcerting observation, that, despite the advertised dangers of contracting the virus, and its known potential for lethality, a reckless, impatient portion of our population, has irresponsibly chosen to defy the mandatorily essential, prophylactic admonitions, by closely socializing at the shore on Memorial Day, and in attendance at crowded bars, barbeques, and other public events. It is to be realized, that such impatient and reckless noncompliance, with the medically, prescribed procedures, is a danger, as well, to the general public, by the further thoughtless, transmission of the viral infection, to the general population. It is not, merely a private choice and could, unjustly result, in the communication of the dreaded disease to others, also impatient, but more responsible [ in their compliance with the prescribed medical strictures.] No individual ever has the elective freedom, or moral authority, to “throw caution to the winds,” when it is at the risk of others.

Those who have raised children have predictably experienced the occasion, when their child incurs a minor wound to the knee or elbow, which, in the normal healing process, develops a protectively, covering scab. It is not uncommon for the young child, to want to pick at the scab, in an effort to remove it, because it feels itchy and uncomfortable. It is appropriate to discourage the child from doing so, by candidly, explaining that picking off of the scab may provide at first, a brief feeling of relief, but will delay the healing process of the wound, and may lead to further damage, or infection, and possibly, result in an unwanted scar.

For the present, by applicable and instructive analogy, patient endurance and compliance, with the prophylactic measures prescribed by the medical authorities, is the only safe, and societally responsible, course of action. The medical scientists, reportedly, are working feverously, to discover more about this novel virus, and to ultimately, produce a preventative vaccine. The small business interests who have been experiencing severe financial straits, understandably, would prefer to relax the protective restrictions; but in the end, are, logically and empirically, foolhardy, in seeking such premature relief, at the empirical risk, of an extension, or, perhaps, an exacerbation, of the problem.  Now is certainly not the pragmatic time, for “picking at the uncomfortably, itchy scab”.

Were the Trump Administration a capable, empathetic, and responsible one, desperately needed temporary financial relief, pending the arrival of the appropriate time to relax the restrictions, would be of major assistance, in the resolution of the current dilemma. However, the non- empathic, and pre-occupied, D.J. Trump, is far too engaged, in his golf scores, which are resolutely played, unmasked.


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