The seemingly inexorable continuance, of the medically compliant, prophylactic quarantine, additionally, brings with it, the collateral benefit of a unique opportunity for the undisturbed, exercise of the phenomenon, described, in earlier writings, as “the life-long conversation with oneself.” The benefits to be derived, from this unique opportunity for inner analytical thought, however, are materially dependent upon the nature of such ruminative activity, the degree of objectivity, and the presence of a realistically established, self- image. The myriad distractions, in more normal times, provide requisite cover and opportunity to divert from those uncomfortable thoughts; which, conceivably, may be relevant to our conceptual route to happiness and ultimate, self-fulfillment. This valuable opportunity for reflection, for our wading, in the waters, of our private and consequential, stream of consciousness, should not be casually, overlooked.

Thoughtful considerations, may  well include, the passage of time, alteration of circumstances, experiential learning,  realization of mitigating circumstance regarding judgments of self and others, recognized irrationality or error in certain persistent,  disturbing, thoughts, re-evaluation of previous opinions, both personal or factually based, the unreality of certain expectations, personal or professional, the evolution of changes in social expectations or mores, the sudden realization of the true intention of another’s act, the acceptance of aging, the realization of errors, and the corrective solutions, if possible, the  positive recognition of sincere effort, expended by others on failed enterprises, the existence of mitigation of others in blameworthy actions, the acceptance of points of view or importantly, of people, previously rejected  offhand, the reevaluation of past events, the sudden realization of poor judgement, and so very many others, dependent upon the life experience of the individual and his ability, and willingness, to objectively recall and reevaluate.

There are, doubtless, at least as many diverse subjects, suitable for private reevaluation and appraisal, as there are thoughtful people, willing to wade into their personal (and ultimately) invigorating, stream of consciousness, during the opportunity afforded by this unusual down period. However, we would be thoughtless and remiss, in our desire to express something useful on the subject, without mention of the all-important and life-enhancing, ability, and willingness, for the generous and compassionate, forgiveness of oneself, for perceived, or actual, past mistakes and errors of judgment. Available comforting balm, for such possibly painful enterprise, is permissibly available, with ample applications of the consideration and appraisal of mitigating circumstances,  of good intention, or, as applicable, of the causative element of inexperience.

This fortuitous, luxury, of time, and opportunity, to advance to a more mature and useful knowledge of yourself, by private monologue, should not be irresponsibly, undervalued, or regrettably, squandered. It may be noted, that it is perfectly acceptable to leave on shoes and socks (or stockings), as may be desired when wading in the enlightening and emotionally useful, stream of consciousness.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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