It is very disturbing to realize that there is a telling, existential analogy, between the grave, lethal threat posed by the Administration’s obdurate denial of climate change, and the existence of a contemporaneous decline, among many, of respect for the truth. As we perceive it, the former, persistent ignorance, carried to its eventual extreme, could lead to a barren, moon-like planet; the second, if continued, bears the eventual threat, of a decline, and ultimate, dissolution, of human society. It may, depressingly and, empirically, be said, that the causation of both catastrophic outcomes, manifests  contextual, and baleful, similarity.

Any reasonably sane individual, would be expectedly, alarmed, at the receipt of a professional diagnosis of a dread disease, by his physician, yet, one is witness to the irrational denial, by many, of the warnings of climate change, by the world’s professionally qualified scientists. Similarly, the uncountable crimes and improprieties, of our miscreant President, have been proven and admitted, yet, have chosen to be emphatically, disbelieved, by many of our fellow Americans. How can this be, in a nation of literate and sane citizens?

The answer is, both, alarming and devastatingly, clear, viz., there has been a pathological, horrific and insidious attack on the foundational cornerstone of society, the mutual, implicit belief in “truth.”  “Truth” empirically, is to interactive society, (and, ultimately, its survival) as clean air is, to the continuation and existence of life. From the beginnings of Stone Age society, reliance upon reports of danger, food, inclement weather, location of shelter, directional advice and tribal interactive communication, in general, was existentially dependent upon candor and accuracy. The attack upon the virtue and quality of truth, by our sitting President, is no less than, an anthropological crime, focused on destroying the faith and interdependent reliance of one human upon another.

The public impeachment proceedings against the President have, tactically, chosen to tailor, or delimit, the plethora of proven acts of Presidential, wrongdoing and immorality (of which there are, virtually, an uncountable number) to a few, purely, for forensic reasons. However, any informed, citizen, is embarrassingly and angrily, aware, of so many more, miscreant, acts; many of which, would themselves, justify Constitutional impeachment, not to mention his publically known, (often admitted) acts of private, non-official and unprincipled misbehavior, unprecedently, besmirching the historically, revered Office of the American Presidency.

Our grave indictment, goes far beyond the temporal charges (justly) asserted against him by the U.S. House of Representatives. Our charge is extra-Constitutional, and far more profound. The same amounts to, no less than the societal, crime of the deprecation the mandatory, reliance upon truthful expression, and upon truth, itself. It is, indeed, in derogation of the ultimate, natural and successful evolution of mankind, to its status as an intercommunicative, mutually, interdependent species.

The attack upon truth, is also antithetical to the existence of any Democratic Republic.  We concernedly note, that the President’s, program of false and defamatory charges against the Nation’s, institutionally, reputable newspapers and the media, (“fake news”) is not only an attempted smoke screen, for his incapable and illegal behavior, but the very tactic, historically and tactically, employed by all would-be tyrants, in their destruction of democracy. (ex.,Weimar Republic, Turkey, Egypt)

It is not only the U.S. Constitution, which cries out for the removal of this Un-American President, but the very existence of our Republican Democracy, itself, and perhaps, ultimately, the preservation of the progress and societal success of humankind.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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