Washington D.C. has continued its rapid, and relentless, deterioration, from the level of shamefully embarrassing, to that of sordid and degenerate. The current scene has become virtually indescribable, except, possibly, in the genre of a cheap comic book, or tasteless movie. The “revered” leaders of the current government, and many elected representatives, have so immorally and irresponsibly comported themselves, that its description in normal reportage, would necessarily, be far less adequate, than in the suggested genre, of a pedestrian comic strip. Such style might, indeed, be the appropriate medium, to portray the psychedelic mélange of the irrational whirlpool, continuously roiling, at the Potomac.

Rudy Giuliani, purported “America’s Mayor,” (so honored, for, the serendipitous event, of being the Mayor of New York on 9/12), has flashed his showy, “Cheshire Cat,” toothy, grin, just once too often, for us to remain adherent to our, resolved silence, regarding the depiction of the “Comic Book World,” of contemporary Washington. In that arrogant, aesthetically, off-putting, grin, Rudy, a “Joker” look-alike, seems to be egotistically crowing, over some delusional notion, that he, alone, possesses the singular capability [despite the plethora of incontrovertible and demonstrable, evidence of Presidential guilt], to hoodwink the Nation into a pretension of his client’s [Trump’s] rectitude. His irrational presumption and unbounded feeling of self- confidence are, no doubt, neurotically, assured, by a questionable history of personal enrichment, in the domestic and international, public relations scene.

The American citizen, who resides in the real world, is obliged to confront an unprecedented, caricaturist-evil, President, together with the support of a loyal confederation, of iconic comic book villains, made up of profit- seeking sycophants and a sizable number of cynically, political, U.S. Senators. This malevolent gang is inclusive, incredibly, of Trump’s own, appointed, U.S. Attorney General, [The Penguin?”] and the distortedly grinning Giuliani, [“The “Joker”]; the latter, noticeably, ecstatic in his assumption of the role of consigliore, to such gang of comic strip bad guys, in the bizarre, Washington, D.C. Batman Movie.

In the formulaic movie, the Dark Knight, Batman, predictably triumphs, Gotham City is, once more, saved, and Bruce Wayne, re-emerges, from his Super-Hero, alter- ego, to timidly, flirt with Vicki Vale. The disgracefully tragic and extremely perilous problems, presently extant in America, in reality, as markedly contrasted with the comic book, Municipality of “Gotham,” are not so, predictably, solved.

It seems to us that, in the world of reality, the American Nation’s, detour to success, is to be found in the contrasting difference, between the overall rapport, of the citizens of the fictional, Gotham, and the extent of the divisive character, of our nonfictional Nation. In the fictional world of Gotham, the, observably, united population, together with the aid of a seemingly, hapless, but well intentioned, Police Chief, and of course, Batman, himself, set about to, mutually, defeat the evil presented by The Joker, The Penguin, or any of the other fanciful villains.  In the non-fictional world, we are generously supplied, with real life villains, most especially, our contemporary President and his entourage, but, to the point, not in the desirable context of the unity of a population, dedicated to the elimination the evil-doer and the reestablishment of rectitude.

The plain evidence of wrongdoing, on the part of our Orange Evil-Doer, has already been publicly proven, and empirically demonstrated, by multiple credible witnesses, substantial items of admissible evidence, and actual admissions by the wrongdoer, himself, as well as his evil henchmen. Indeed, there has been a veritable, redundancy of consistent evidence, testimonial, real and circumstantial, to clearly prove [in unnecessary and consistent multiplicity], the actual guilt and wrongful actions of the accused President. Why then, does the Nation still continue under the insufferable and intolerable rule, of this egotistic and malevolent, Nero?

Movie-goers, as well as those, avid and “erudite” readers, of the comic book, are, also, unified, and of one mind, in the defeat of the colorful villain du jour, and the establishment of peace and justice in Gotham. This is brought about, by the intercession of the uber-human, Batman, often, with the assistance of his youthful, confederate, “Robin.”

In reality, life in America, does not evince a people with a comparable unity of purpose, largely because there is no unity of perception and commonality, among a people, divided by extreme differences in education and knowledge, by inherited or “tribal” preconceptions, by religious dogma, by old and tired, aphoristic and  reductive thinking, by bigotry, (overt or subtle),  self-interested perceptions, by reductive assumptions on issues of progress and enlightenment, and, perhaps, above all, by the paranoid supposition that “the people” are subjugated to the power of the “elite” (a neurotic, self-conscious, perception of university educated Americans), or some, East-West Coast, cabal of declared, uber-menschen.

Such reductionist, over-sensitized American citizens, have given our unscrupulous Chief Executive, a free pass or” carte blanche”, to violate every rule of propriety, provision of law, and even the modest criteria of human decency. This is due to their neurotic perception that, he is “one of them”, and at battle with the elites, and those who would, if permitted, impose standards by which they would be publicly ridiculed and critically exposed. By Trump’s unashamed ignorance and bigotry, he gives such flat-earth, insufficiently educated reductionists, cover, recognition and raison d’etre.

Tribal cohesiveness, evincing support for Trump, is also found in various cohorts with their own, nefarious, agenda, such as, anti-regulation industrialists, who have elevated the priority of profit, above that of the health of human beings and the planet, the Evangelical Christians, in the face of Trump’s boasts of sexual immorality, for their own imaginary and irrational motivations, and white nationalists and anti-immigration people, who suffer “night sweats,” contemplating the increasing coloration of America.

Educated and informed American citizens, in the averred context, of a Nation, of “one man, one vote”, abide such cynical self-interest and reductive ignorance, at their own personal, and that of their Nation’s, peril. Perhaps we should summon the assistance of Batman and Robin.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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