It might aid in the restoration of some much- needed rational perspective, to set aside, for the moment, the three-ring circus, or, media soap- opera, of daily national politics, to examine the fundamental tenets of proper governance of a democratic republic. The populist dynamics, of personality, age, forensic skill and physical appearance, are, simply put, irrelevant and harmful distractions, from the rational criteria, applicable to the selection of a candidate for the American Presidency. What may be lost, in the misleading fog of partisan litigation, is the voter’s apt consideration, of the definition and purpose of the office to which the contending parties aspire, enabling the vital determination as to whether an aspirant for the office, appears to possess the relevant personal characteristics for its fulfilment.

In essential principle, the holder of our highest office, must possess the characteristics of an adequate educational background, sufficient wisdom, moral principle, and adherence to the rules of law and the American concept of fair justice; as well as have the important qualities of transparency, accountability, inclusiveness, and a responsiveness, to the legally expressed will of the nation.

It is apparent that we are currently under the despotic “rule” of a chief executive, who may be accurately depicted as, ignorant, arbitrary, unjust, inadequate in governance and policy making, prejudiced, flamboyantly immoral, unengaged with and non-responsive to the public will, corrupt and intentionally abusive of the powers of the office. Proper governance can be restored only, by supplanting this unprecedented source of national embarrassment, with a suitable successor; one that exemplifies the relevant and essential characteristics, as above enumerated.

Consistent with the history and founding purpose of our Democratic Republic, the office of the highest executive is properly, and historically, to be vested in a legitimate leader, who is an able and just governor of the Nation; a “President,” as opposed to a” Ruler.” Our responsibility and mandatory duty, at this time, is to select (and elect) a just and capable leader. The sense of this writing, is to comment on such selection.

It is not the everyday citizen, who possesses the gravitas and desire, together with the opportunity, to run for the office of President. The election, of course, being national, the candidate must be one that is generally recognizable by the American public. The purpose of a Presidential campaign, is to further familiarize the nation of voters, with the person, character and political leaning of the would-be President. This enterprise requires a huge political investment of people, money and logistics. It is usual, therefore, for a candidate for the Presidency, to be selected from experienced and well-known national office holders. But, what, after all, are the criteria, for the proper selection of such an individual?

Suitability for governance, aside from such requirements of popular familiarity and financial means, is essentially identical to our standard of worth, regarding the American citizen. From its inception, this blogspace has been largely dedicated, to the advancement of mankind, by the development and exercise, of his ability to reason; an ability nurtured by reading, involvement in the arts, humanities and sciences. Mankind has, over the ages, by means of such pursuits, appropriately expressed its gratitude to Evolution, for gifting homo sapiens with an advanced brain, and the consequent potential for knowledge and the attainment of mature perspective. The initial, and prime criterion, then, for a capable Presidential candidate (identical to that for a valuable citizen) is knowledge and intelligence. The disturbing absence of these prime vital qualities, is readily discernable in the present, incapable, office holder.

We would maintain that the balance of the necessary criteria for Presidential candidacy, are identical to the qualities of a good parent, mature judgment, fairness, moral compass, and purposeful direction. The successful government (management) of a family, would, without fail, evince these qualities. The President should be an avatar to those who aspire to be good citizens and respected members of society, and, as well, be seen as a respected national leader by other world nations.  The quality of celebrity, or showmanship, are the least desirable features in the selection of an acceptable leader, as clearly illustrated by the despicable actions and behavior of the presently sitting President.

In previous writing, we have expressed our displeasure and concern, at the existence of such a large number of Democratic aspirants for nomination. As they are all from the same party, it may be assumed that they espouse somewhat similar platforms (the differences discerned, to date, are only those that seem to differ in detail and in the nuanced manner of their articulation). As stated, this reduces the necessity for choice, to irrelevant, populist type criteria, voice, general appearance, feistiness, aggressive proclivities and other misleading and irrelevant qualities, similar to those which, sadly, led to Trump’s success.

A proper choice for candidate, would be one who possesses appropriate criteria for Chief Executive, wisdom, education, experience, law abidance, transparency, receptiveness, fairness and equity; rather than one that daily puts on a “dog and pony show,” as diversion, for a bored and apathetic, television audience.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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