Post # 398  SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY (Editorial)

One has only to consult the American newsreels, movies, Broadway shows and radio broadcasts of the 20th Century, to observe, an accurate, public demonstration of America, as a model of rectitude, and, effectively, a moral avatar, to the World. An exception, however, to its perceived virtue, was its unfortunate struggles in the area of civil rights, and recognition of full equality for its black citizens. The latter, as known, has been in the process of difficult, but steady, progress toward resolution, as have its other atavistic prejudices.

America was to the World, and itself, a public picture of an ideal National community, as cinematically portrayed and exemplified by, Shirley Temple, Judy Garland (Wizard of Oz), Gene Kelley, The Lone Ranger, Jimmy Stewart, Gary Cooper;  one of strong and determined men, manifestly dedicated to justice, and women a symbolizing virtuous, chaste femininity and principled and dedicated motherhood.

Our nation, in the 19th Century, despite its two World Wars and a sporadically, uncertain economy, nevertheless, dedicatedly, pursued a steady route of democratic advancement. Laws and regulations were promulgated seeking improved working conditions, pure drinking water, healthy foods and medicines, as well as improved housing for the poor. As expected, in any Democratic Republic, there has existed contested issues, regarding policy, National and International; but the unquestioned shared premise, that the differing parties, desired the good of the nation, meant a vibrant and secure nation. As a result of its dedication and hard work, America was the victor in the two World Wars, representing the historic victory of freedom over oppression. Since the time of its victory in the Second World War, America has been recognized as the symbol and champion of freedom and World justice.

Due to its intrinsic promise of equality of opportunity, the Nation  continued to prosper. Its policy of compassionate capitalism, has, morally improved the living conditions of working class families, and has resulted in labor peace, in addition to commercial success. Accordingly, America has always been a desirable safe harbor for oppressed immigrants, and the land of opportunity for many others, who have emigrated to share in, and become part of, an enterprising nation, itself,  composed of immigrants and their progeny.

Until barely three years ago, with the shocking, retrogressive and unfortunate ascendency of Donald J. Trump, to the Oval Office, our Nation, albeit, not quite perfect, had been regarded, by the other Nations of the World, as a symbol of admirable democracy and fair republican rule. However, the Nation’s standing, at present, and its contemporaneous perception by other countries, friends and foes, alike, is that of a Nation, without consistent principle, or policy, and a complete moral enigma.

The despicable, Mr. Trump, is a frightening and disheartening symbol and an accurate representative, of a previously undisclosed presence, in our country, of a great many individuals, who can only be described as its “underbelly.” Moreover, and terrifyingly, the great number of such dark creatures who had been  powerless, because they were diverse and anonymous, now have Mr. Trump and his sycophants, as a centrally identifiable and unifying leader. Trump claims that he is a “uniter” while his opponents, see him as a “divider. It is our view, that Trump has earned gold medals in both functions; a uniter, of our nation’s vermin, and a divider of the dedicated American citizen. Until the advent of Trump, the various members of the underbelly of our nation, were separate, sub rosa and powerless; since Trump has become their nucleus and symbolic leader, they are a congealed conglomerate of hateful and lethal, un-American racists; effectively, and incredibly, a Presidentially approved, armed and lethal cult of modern-day Nazi’s. Their acts of intentional, mass homicide, recently, are so frequent, that, reportedly, many newspapers have moved the accounts of such, horrendous events, from the first, to the third page. The reader may well ask, where have all of these gun- toting, sordid, degenerates, suddenly, come from?  The answer is, that they have been eternally ensconced within our communities; but until Trump, independent, unknown and virtually impotent.

We have, all these years, unknowingly, been sleeping with the enemy. This situation is in metaphor, akin, to taking a pleasant walk in the beautiful countryside, and casually turning over a flat rock. The beetles, worms, maggots and the filthy mold, we would observe, were always there; and best left under the rock.

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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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