In this essay, we are concerned with the fundamental concept of (human) life, and it may be useful to define it simply, in a non-medical and non-anthropological context. Life, as we see it, (with apologies to the experts) is the distinction between physical entities, that possess self- sustaining, biological processes, from those who do not. In the case of human beings, such characteristics are fortuitously inclusive, of the capacity for advanced reason and self-determination. The latter, fundamental observation, is highly relevant and contextually useful, to the intended purposes of this writing.

Mainstream humanity has sadly, and by definitive degrees, apparently, for reasons of mere convenience, surrendered the many gifts afforded to it by the generosity of Natural Evolution. It has voluntarily and foolishly, facilitated and promoted its own sad and perverse decline, from a uniquely equipped, capable and sensitive, practitioner of reason and cognitive behavior, to a mere cog in robotic electronic processing. For ephemeral convenience, it has surrendered persona and lifestyle to his own fabricated electronics; together with much of his natural and unique capabilities; degraded himself, functionally, to merely an initiating step (an “on-off” switch) in a robotic existence. Mankind has ignored the symbolic meaning of the myth of Adam and Eve, and created his own superseding Genesis, a new and electronically dependent, version of Adam.

In the vital area of interactive communication, man has foolishly perpetrated the costly social sacrifice, of familiar human interaction, in favor of a cold, robotic transmission to the communicant’s screen, of data-like electronic symbols, in lieu of human speech. This phenomenon has been often observed, by us in earlier writings. It appears, that personal, warm, familiar, and meaningful conversation has, startlingly, become obsolete.

The rather small, hand held, “phones” have, by popular use, become an electronic, robot-like, bodily extension for most members of society. It has been relied upon to the extent that it has become ubiquitously indispensable, as a substitute, for information gathering, scholastic research, computational thinking, directional advice, photographic and musical activities, fact checking and, in general, an informational resource. Traditional telephone calls have become “retro,” in favor of the prevailing practice of electronic e-mails and “texting.” Most of the younger generation, would not remember activities such as, person to person telephone conversations; the exchange of social correspondence (letters) has become, without doubt, completely foreign to these younger robotic, electronic mutants.

It was only recently, that the activity of “window shopping,” and purchases from attractively decorated, department stores, were normal and pleasant phenomena. The mechanical, absentee, use of on-line e-commerce has been directly responsible for many of the traditionally known and successful department stores’ financially decline, or,  close. The sociably pleasant, practice of shopping, with friends (and then lunch, or drinks) has become only a faint memory. It is truly difficult, for us, to comprehend the dynamics of these many impersonal, robotic, incursions into pleasant, interactive societal and commercial life.

We have often referred to Evolution’s greatest gift to homo sapiens of an advanced brain, capable of reason and understanding. It is absolutely frightening, as well asmost disheartening, that the electronically assisted, robotization of mankind, has led him to bypass and abandon his aptitudes and Evolutionary capability for reason, in favor of the practice of lazy (and ultimately harmful) consultation with his “smart phone,” for the programmed, electronically generated answer. We have previously written of our fear, that, due to its popularly practiced non-use, the brain could, conceivably, degrade to  a vestigial organ, like the appendix. In addition to the danger to his advancement, continuance and development, we are embarrassed by mankind’s shameful ingratitude, in failing to exploit Nature’s generous gift of reason, in favor of a robot-like inquiry into an electronic appliance,

We should not omit the influence of television, as an effective device, in the pernicious robotization of our society. Books, so vital to the development of understanding and human perspective, have, in so many quarters, become a mere artifact of the past. The Pied-Piper appeal of cheap, easily accessible, ephemeral diversion, has, disappointingly, become the popular choice, in lieu of life activities, that tend to increase knowledge or appeal to proper aesthetic taste.

Television has also, in its commercially motivated, and tactically, idealized representations of the acceptable physical form, has reportedly led many women, young and old, to disrespect their bodies, as too fat, too thin, or, not shapely enough. The actresses and models which regularly appear on television, are not the norm, and to the discerning television viewer, often resemble mannequins rather than realistic, attractive women. The unwarranted influence of television, has portrayed many fantasies to the insecure male and female, regarding acceptable physical appearance, the dire need for advertised medication, weight loss programs, and many other sales promotional, information and advice. Viewers should exercise their personal perceptions, and not respond, in robot-like fashion, to an enterprise that is concerned, solely and exclusively, for market sales.

Each of us should, appreciatively and personally, enjoy the exercise of our individual persona, and properly value our independently derived perceptions of reality. We are wise to practice our own, personal discernment, and not to robotically replicate, other people’s actions, or versions of reality, in order to attain their approval. Mechanical, electronic, Robot-like behavior is costly, from the human perspective, and can be seen as fittingly relegated, only to those who have completely lost confidence in their own personal determinations.

We have resolved to persist in looking forward to a time, when people will, beneficially, put down their cell phones, and resume the age-old, natural practice of talking with each other; when mankind will, on a confident, independent and individual basis, resume the confident and natural, exercise of its unique capacity for reason, discernment and action.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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