Post # 389  IN ONE ERA, AND OUT THE OTHER 2 (Lament)

We have, on an earlier occasion, lamented the apparent wide-spread general degradation of the American population, in terms of literacy and aesthetic standards.  Too many citizens prefer ephemeral, surface-depth diversion to life-enriching pursuits, such as literature, dramatic presentations, musical concerts and the like. The elevation of an embarrassing and inept President of the United States, may have been an indirect result of this sad and disappointing, phenomenon. Many citizens, however, have held on to their hope for a return to the recent past, where reading a good book did not depend upon assurances that it is short, or funny. There was an era when people attended public lectures, pursued subjects of extra-curricular interest, wrote letters to each other, spoke directly to friends (as opposed to transmitting electronic images to their screen) regularly read newspapers and debated politics in a friendly and sociable manner. We have just previously, lamented on this sea-change in society, but unfortunately observe great disappointment, as well, with our American institutions, formerly the protectors of our Republican Democracy.

We see no need to again discuss the present state of the Executive Branch of government. We have, more than sufficiently described our frustration and despair at the present degradation of the Office. We are also of the opinion, that most Americans, who pay attention, have observed that the Legislative Branch of Government, appears to be largely composed of individuals who are generally, concerned more about their re-election to office, than the responsible duties of their office.

We had, however, maintained our respect, and our hopes regarding the third branch of our Republic, the Judiciary. This institution, has also, recently, dashed our determined hope for the return to the Nation, as depicted in the better periods of our history.

Despite a long and consistent history of observing the black letter law, that no case will be accepted for adjudication, by SCOTUS, which is at all political, {because of the Constitutional Separation of Powers} the high Court accepted [and shamefully decided] Bush v. Gore, and the Democracy damaging, Citizens United case, the latter permitting corporate interests, by the determined right to inject unlimited funds into an election, dilute and outweigh the (democratic) vote of the American citizen.

We have also, unhappily, lost faith in the application of the law, by the [now, apparently politically driven] U.S. Justice Department. We would inquire of that August and infallible, legal institution, as to the following two questions, (1) How can the President be granted the authority to pardon criminals, for crimes in which he has been shown to be complicit?  (2) How can the “Justice Department Rule” (unwritten) against indicting a sitting President, be applicable to the crimes which put him in that office, in the first place? [What, in the name of Yogi Berra, is going on?]

As we breakfast this morning, we do not seem to feel our usual Sunday morning, cheery optimism, and although, generally, while we try to avoid negativity, find that attempt, at this moment, challenging. [Oops, we just spilled our coffee.]


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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