We are completely receptive to possible criticisms of, “very idealistic,” or, “Pollyannaish,” by reason of the dream-like, aspirational hope expressed in this note; we will however, firmly reject any possible adjectival accusation, as “unrealistic,” or, much worse, “impossible.” We do affirmatively maintain, that lasting World Peace is indeed, an attainable, concrete, albeit long term goal, if and only if, it is sincerely and universally sought.

It is our belief, that the following goals and aspirations, inarguably, are globally shared:

World peace and eventual brotherhood; elimination of worldwide poverty and want; elimination of the troubling and unscientific, concept, of “race;” improvement in planetary health; elimination of cancer, and other serious and exotic disease; acceptable and practical policies regarding the amelioration of economic disparity; and by far, the most important, policies concerning the promotion of citizen education and reason, of enlightenment, in lieu of former superstition and ignorance.

We are confident that, with the one proviso, consisting of an adequate level and consistent presence of sincere desire, regarding the amelioration of such all-pervasive issues, success is empirically attainable. Progressively renewed hope, and the adamant refusal to be bound by perverse world history, could appropriately be credited, in our judgment, as the most recent step, in the long, continuous march of man’s evolutionary development.

Indisputably, the greatest of all impediments to the attainment of these positive goals, is the atavistic, and, needless, phenomenon of war. Significant policies, and action taken towards the elimination of that historic phenomenon, would, constitute a fundamental step, in the solution of the enumerated, world-wide problems.

We are obliged to learn from our previous unsuccessful attempts to eliminate the scourge of warfare. Past efforts to encourage the brotherhood of mankind (Nations) proved to be unsatisfactory, because they were erroneously conceived, albeit well intentioned. The League of Nations, proved to be a failure, as does, in many vital respects, the ambitious organization of The United Nations, appear to prove ineffectual.

With reference to the League of Nations, and its successor, the United Nations, it would objectively appear, that the founding assumptions and ambitious goals were a failure, because the Member States, desired, despite their membership in the respective international organization, to respectively, retain their historic sovereignty. To employ a useful analogy, John Locke, (19th Century) speaking of the creation and underlying dynamics of human Society, that Man, contractually surrenders certain of his rights, in exchange for the benefits of living in Society (“The Social Contract”). Real world-wide peace would be attainable, if the Members of an international organization, mutually surrendered, to it, sufficient of their, power of determination, in analogous manner, to that referred to in Locke’s Social Contract. The U.N. must emphasize policies that seek international rectitude, such as, world climate change, poverty, health, human rights, disaster assistance, agriculture and commerce, rather than specific Nationalist considerations of politics and business. This defect is seen in the identically outmoded nationalism, enabling English, Trump-like, populist voters, to manufacture the current “Brexit” fiasco. England would continue to derive a great many diverse and essential benefits from its continued membership in the European Union; in addition to the most important benefit, the preservation of lasting peace between Members.

The Nations of the World must engage in policies discouraging xenophobic nationalism, and emphasize the cornucopia of benefits of communal or societal relationship, with other Nation States. Each of us has to personally identify as members of the identical, evolved species, homo sapiens, fortunate co-tenants of this green planet. But how does one accomplish this idealistic co-existence? We would humbly offer some generally useful ideas, with the confidence, that they will be given serious consideration, in the context of the tragic world history. We further hope that any all- pervasive pessimism, will, one day soon, be functionally replaced, by the happier practice of sincere positive action, and the nurturance of long-term, patient, and undeterred hope:

  • We have previously written in severely critical terms, of the potentially dangerous future, in planting the seeds of ethnic lessons of “we” and “they,” in the very young (presumably to give the young child, a sense of identity and security). However, those categories of “we” and “they” factually endure, and often ripen and become transmogrified into myths about the “other,” leading to the subsequent advent of hatred and war. We must learn to teach, in addition to the child’s particular ethnos (acquired by him, merely, by the sheer accident of random birth), a sense of other, perfectly acceptable, and possibly interesting, ethnic identities; and advise that the world consists of many diverse, and admirable, cultures.
  • We must, as soon as possible, eliminate the word, “race,” permanently, from our lexicon. We have, in earlier writings, declared that the term has been shown to have no scientific, sociological or anthropological basis, and observed that the term has been only used to perpetuate mischief.
  • An international commission of specialized and expert educators, should be convened to investigate the World’s modern schoolbooks for mythic xenophobic nationalism. As a shameful illustration of domestic travesty, as we recall our childhood education, in which the young student was taught the “patriotic” and divine, concept of “Manifest Destiny.” This was the propaganda-like National rationalization, for the immoral program of forcibly displacing from their historic homes, and the murder of peaceful, Native Americans. Neither we, nor any other society have any special, God given destiny to acquire land by infamous means. Other countries, we understand, have their own ethnic clap-trap, used as purported rationalization, for similar criminal conduct against their own Aboriginal people. A universal recognition of the true worth, of each and every inhabitant of the Earth, would rationally, and morally, do away with the possibility of such detestable, xenophobic travesties.
  • We earnestly recommend, that another try be given to the historically failed program called, “Esperanto.” As those who are old enough, may remember, the “Esperanto” movement represented an idealistic and principled attempt, to create a common world language, with the hope that it would unite disparate people, in order that they would not make war against each other. There are people, reportedly, who still speak in the Esperanto language. This well-intentioned and intelligent program, however, did not succeed. Considering the modern technology, such as smart phones and skype, it could, if implemented, and now successful, prove to be an effective eraser of National boundary lines. We might also suggest another attempt at establishing a universal, international system for liquids and solids, weights and measures.
  • Joint scientific efforts, by international partnerships, composed of the best and brightest international representatives, in the areas of medicine, space, archeology, engineering, chemistry, earth and climate science, might prove to be very effective in the achievement of the goals sought by their respective disciplines; and, importantly, be a source of international, collegiate fellowship and peace.
  • International travel, the study of “foreign” languages, the reading of translated books by fine foreign authors, and the study of foreign cuisine and culture, should be subsidized by the various nations, to promote understanding and appreciation of others. This would be far cheaper and represent moneys preferably spent on education, and world peace, rather than on deadly international violence. Cultural clubs could be formed, availing themselves of the music, books and entertainment of varied cultures or ethnos, for simple enjoyment, and for the education of the public. Art and folkloric shows, representing the myriad talents of our international community, would be enjoyable and enlightening, especially to those with no such previous experience, and tend to engender interest in, and respect for, other cultures.

An international commission of qualified educators, sociologists, academic and financial people, should be cooperatively established, composed of recognized experts from all over the world to initiate, implement and permanently oversee the suggested programs.

The initial, universal recognition of the existential need could, conceivably, be the most difficult stage of the recommended programs of action. Nevertheless, irrespective of the required amount of persistent effort and human resources, required in this existential endeavor, we must persevere and not, in good conscience, continue to perpetuate the shameful “Dark Ages” of atavistic xenophobia and needless tragedy, which, is so sadly evident, in our World and National History, and in the current week’s Press.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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  1. The destination is generally agreed upon. Witness every Miss America Contestant saying “World Peace”. The question is the Route. I’d settle for single payer health care in the near future.


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