Post # 355  NATIONAL SEPSIS: A Short Essay

We, frankly, are in a state of alarm.

We have previously expressed our longstanding, principled and aesthetic, disinclination to comment on the topic of our current President. We have only done so, responsive to extreme events in his administration, which our conscience warned us of the potential self- accusation of committing the immoral “sin of silence.” The subject of our ignorant, incompetent, attention-seeking, head of state has inarguably, received more than sufficient publicity; criticism is entirely futile, and deserving of the appellation, “beating a dead horse.” Despite that long-standing, sincere and principled, inclination to avoid the subject of Donald J. Trump, currently, we, suddenly find ourselves, truly alarmed, concerning the actual, existential continuance, and recognizable identity of our, approximately, 300 year- old National Republic, as we know it.

It is our concerned observation, to borrow a diagnostic term from the field of medical science, that our Nation is presently so challenged, as to metaphorically, be in the clinically dangerous state of “sepsis.” The indisputable etiology of its onset, was the unhealthy elevation of Donald J. Trump, to its Presidency.

The general definition of “sepsis,” as we understand it, is the serious medical condition presented, when the patient’s body’s defensive responses are not sufficient, or are ineffective, to deal with an infection. The condition is gravely dangerous, the extreme case, actually requiring amputation. Our medical-political metaphor is intended to refer to the dangerous state of health of America’s body politic, which, at present, has succumbed to an exotic, infectious invasion, apparently incapable of reasonably known amelioration, systemically constituting the dire condition of “national sepsis”.

Under the aegis of this unsuitable executive, the idealistic dream of our Founding Fathers, in their radical and marvelous experiment in Republican Democracy, appears to have darkened to the point of its being more realistically described as a nightmare. Any and all, available, wise and experienced counsel, as to proper governance, national and international, appears definitively, to have taken a back seat to neurotic impulse; as a direct consequence, the historic health and vitality of our Nation has been, rendered, virtually, comatose.

To be sure, the American experiment has, in the past, come perilously close to failure: Slavery and the Reconstruction Period, the infamous impeachment of President Andrew Johnson, the Teapot Dome Scandal of the 1920’s, under President Harding, the dark and dangerous period of the McCarthy era, Nixon and Watergate, as well as overwhelming national schisms such as, Iran Contra and the Vietnam War. Happily, America’s body politic found within itself, sufficient systemic and defensive resistance, capable of combating and defeating these pathologies, and successfully, in time, recovered its former salutary health and standing.

Continuing our analogous reference, our body politic has fallen gravely ill, to a new and unique contagion; one that has, in approximately, three years, caused it to succumb to a substantial alteration in its national systemic vitality and character, resulting in a tragic functional breakdown, as well as perceived identity. The adolescent persona and ignorant incapability of our Chief of State, and his entourage, have managed to transmogrify the historic dream of an ideal, free, and thriving federal republic, as envisioned by our Founding Fathers, into a nightmare of a corrupt, incompetent and stagnant nation; functioning, to the extent that it can function at all, in effective derogation of its historically avowed and dedicated purposes.

Not all dreams come true and empirically, not all political-social experiments work. As a possible take on historic reality, our brilliant and optimistic Founding Fathers, true radical-idealists in the 18th Century, had no possible, or conceivable, anticipation of the political, social and scientific-technological changes, portended, for three centuries of the new country’s future. Not only would science and technology change and grow, at constantly increasing, exponential rates, but the persona and social context of the citizenry of the new nation, would change, radically. The nation, at its commencement, singularly created, free of class distinctions and privileged birth, would, in a matter of only a few centuries, evolve into a privileged class system, based, contemporaneously upon capital, financial prosperity. The wealth, earned and accumulated, by a relatively few entrepreneurs, was seemingly destined to remain concentrated in the hands of that minority, leaving the balance of American society, with a relatively small percentage of the National wealth; economically referable as “Middle Class and an underprivileged, “Lower Class.” These wealth classes were also distinguishable, sociologically, in educational aspirations and accomplishments. Many observers believe that it was, indeed, an easily misled, large block of insufficiently educated, low information voters, that was determinative of Trump’s, unexpected victory.

We will readily confess to often citing Thomas Jefferson’s admonition that, to have a successful democracy, it requires a literate and aware citizenry. We fear that the successful elevation of Donald Trump to the Presidency, despite the multiple prognostications, by a unified chorus of experts and academics of his being completely incompetent and unsuitable, to the Office, was a disappointing and clear indication that America has not developed, sufficiently, into a literate and aware nation. This glitzy, sleazy, former T.V. game show host, and real estate grifter, an ill-educated, and thoroughly obnoxious candidate, was, remarkably and successfully, elevated by a sufficient number of American voters to the Oval Office (perhaps with the improper assistance of third parties). The unhealthy condition of our previously respected Nation has previously been the subject of our comment. The operative question du jour, is, how to avoid an unhealthy repetition of this “Mad Hatter” tea party.

During the long, shameful period of experience of “Nixon -Watergate,” we were beyond reasonable impatience, for his removal as from office. During this period, we evolved our idea of two- party Parliamentary democracy, as the necessary, next, and perhaps, final, political, developmental step in our American evolution. We have previously written on this subject.

A Parliamentary system would be more directly and democratically responsible to the voter; who would never be painfully and impatiently, obliged to, await the slow conclusion of fixed, four- year Presidential terms of a Nixon or a Trump. Under relevant Constitutional rules, a “vote of confidence” might be demanded, at any time, and the public, if it so chooses, relieved of a disastrous electoral mistake.

Under the recommended governmental metamorphosis, the Parliamentary party receiving the most votes, would select a new national leader, called the Prime Minister. It is, history shows, imperative that the institution of a two party system (only) be continued, to assure, fidelity to the wishes of the successful voters.

The Constitutional changes to our Republic would, of necessity call for substantial legal effort, and wise legislative and Constitutional logistics, but would have permanently salubrious, as opposed to “septic,” results for our future Nation.



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