Post #352      RELIANCE 

For a considerable time, we had been comfortably abiding by an earlier resolve, not to post on the subject of Donald Trump. The media has been regularly saturating the public with that unpleasant subject, to the exclusion of available time for more deserving subjects, such as climate change, Puerto Rico’s storm damage, the opioids epidemic, African elections, nuclear disarmament, and other significant matters. Moreover, we wished to refrain from giving any further, albeit modest, publicity to our attention- hungry, adolescent President. The final reason was the existence of an unlimited number of potential topics, which we deemed to be of preferential interest to our readers. We, like a great many others, have been engaged in privately attempting to put aside this anomaly, viz., the embarrassing existence of an incompetent, ignorant and dishonest, American head of State, and instead concentrating on the anticipation of a future return to reliable normalcy, for our Country.

However, notwithstanding such ardent resolve, we, involuntarily, have been struck with the disturbing and profound realization that, in addition to his numerous transgressions against prevailing societal morality and ethics, Trump’s selfish, profitable, violations of the emoluments clause, his traitorous liaisons with Russia and other past foes of the U.S., his sub-rosa encouragement of bigotry, including, sexual abuse, his destruction of  a useful Agreement with Iran, deemed necessary to promote lasting peace and meaningful nuclear control, his attacks against our historic partner in peace, NATO, his refusal to enter into the climate- oriented Tokyo Accords, his irrational and his unjust domestic policies, in areas such as taxes, education and entitlements, there is, nevertheless, a far worse and damaging  transgression; far worse and damaging, since it amounts to a crime against “civilization,” itself, and unbelievably, to the ultimate human, anthropological progress. The sudden realization of this frightening and profound danger is the unhappy, motivational impetus, for this pointed writing.

Our Nation has admittedly, has had, (mercifully), rare and unfortunate experiences, in its history, of undesirable, even dishonest, heads of State, inclusive of the extremely unusual, Constitutional Process of Presidential Impeachment.  Yet, our systemic strength and dedication has eternally permitted us, to overcome such negative events as: “The Reconstruction Period,” the “Teapot Dome Scandal” and a Three-ring Circus, produced and directed by Ringmaster, Richard M. Nixon, popularly known as “Watergate.”

Trump’s perverse infliction of such impactful, unprecedented, injury was, and is, more pronounced, damaging, and indeed, far more profound than” merely” offending against the proscriptions of our American way of life (as did the previously cited, wrongdoing Presidents). From any informed, anthropological and societal prospective, he has committed, and regularly continues to commit, serious transgressions against the basic foundation of Society, itself, by his consistent, public mendacity and his regular and dedicated populist attacks on the principled existence, and fundamental faith, in objective “Truth,” (especially inclusive of journalism) as well as elsewhere. As such, we fear that he has (quite remarkably), accomplished what may amount to a virtually serious set- back in the previously continuous march to the attainment of man’s best societal potential.

The fundamental existence and continuance of any society, is by necessity, based on mutually shared,  absolute reliance on truthful personal interaction. The element of communicated veracity, is the singularly effective and necessary (communicational) bloodstream, circulating throughout the systemic organism of societal community life, making existentially possible, the mutual functioning of a human society. From the Stone Age, to the present, the urgent need for reliance upon the assumed truth of all messaging and communication, has always been of existential importance. In in man’s early societies, reports and messaging were, no doubt, primarily, regarding safety, food and danger; in today’s more complex society, the need for more expanded, complex and sophisticated (truthful) communication is no less than absolute. Trump’s self-assigned, defensive program of personally selected determination of “fake news,” from legitimate newspaper reporting, and his regular, observable, daily mendacity are no less than realistic, existential threats, not only to our Nation, but, ultimately hazardous to civilization, itself.

Historians, predictably, will offer absolutely no kudos nor legal or moral pardons, for President Donald J. Trump.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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