Many of our readers are old enough to remember the events of the Second World War. In the Pacific Theater of that war, the (then) enemy, Japan, devised a desperate and cruel plan of attack on the empirically superior, American warships, by heartlessly recruiting hapless young Japanese men to serve as suicide pilots.  Their sole assigned, mortal mission was to intentionally crash their airplanes into American Naval Vessels. These suicide pilots, called “Kamakaze” were recruited by means of a combination of personally applied, intense nationalistic propaganda, and threats of potential “shame,” (the latter, still remains a profoundly impactful critique, in Japanese subculture). The recollection of this period, and particularly, of this program, continues to inspire nightmarish recollections for our nation, and undoubtedly, as well, for our contemporary friend and ally, the modern Nation of Japan.

For a considerable period of time, we had been puzzled at the vast number of Americans, observably,  those of modest education and low information, who were, especially in need of, and entitled to, government programs of assistance (including nutrition, health education, disability), who have opposed such assistance and programs. The sole reason for such self-denial and, effectively, “suicidal” tendencies, as we have, more recently been able to discern, is a falsely implanted, and ingested meme, concerning a purported America’s current, steady metamorphosis into a dreaded “Armageddon” State called, “Socialism.”

Perhaps it would be useful (once more) simply, and accurately, to define “Socialism.” The latter is a political-economic theory of governance, pursuant to which, the Central Government, is the owner and manager of all industry and business (in direct contrast with private ownership, by entrepreneurs, termed, Capitalism). Such Socialist brand of government, identified by a totality of government ownership and control of nation’s economy and business, is manifestly distinguishable, from an empathic nation’s programs of governmental assistance, to its legislatively defined, needy citizens.  We would, once more declare, that there is no existing American political party of any significance, nor any governmental official, throughout our entire Nation, desirous of change to a Socialistic Government, or to “Socialism,” from our existing, Capitalistic, Democratic Republic.

Thus, the previously presenting conundrum, viz., the unexplainable opposition to such assistance, by deserving citizens, has been discernably accounted for, by the false meme, cynically and tactically, implanted into the under-schooled, and persuadable minds, that he same is purportedly, “socialistic”, and ipso facto, evil. One can be supremely confident, that the tactically selfish promoters of this, apparently successful, faux meme, do so for personally nuanced, self-interested reasons, and, of course,  have the good fortune to live comfortable lives, in which government assistance is irrelevant. We find the situation referentially analogous, to the subject of the inhuman Japanese World War 2, Kamakaze program. It is an evident fact that the Japanese military people who were the propagandists and enablers, employing the false and effective meme of manhood and national valor, did not risk their own lives, only the lives of others.

We continue to confidently maintain, as observed in previous posts, that America’s consistent exercise of empathy, best described as “compassionate capitalism,” is by any measure, the most effective and tactical, preventative against exotic governmental change, but, far more significantly, is a manifestly appropriate and just expression of truly foundational, American morality.          –p.

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