Blogpost # 326 THE CATARACT

Life rockets on, like a cold, insistant mountain current, fast, furious and determined. No rocky impediment can hinder its raging impatience, nor burden its gravity inspired speed, in its steep dramatic journey from natural promonitory to the sea, far below.  Its unabating power and untamed turbulance, have the two-sided potential to inspire admiration, or true atavistic fear.

Metaphorical life too, inexorably surges on, apparently undaunted by temporal impediments, and at an alarmingly, uncommon speed. The old folks ironically observe, “The years are short, but the days are long.” The breakneck speed of man’s years, as they seemingly dissipate, sans empathy, seems to completely blur specific recollection, with the exception of exceptional matters of life-altering significance. By cognitive contrast, the day presents itself at once, in sixty minute, conscious and sometimes, seemingly, prolonged doses.

The use of the waterfall image is an exciting, but rather limited metaphor, specifically chosen to portray the immutable and unrestrained passage of time; and as derivatively applicable to each man’s relatively brief allotment of lifetime on Earth.

Of all the terrestial, sentient fauna, man has the good fortune to possess the exclusive knowledge of his ultimate mortality. His nuanced reaction to the impact of that eventuality, varies with age, sophistication and persona, and can indeed, be a material determinant in the quality and degree of his ultimate satisfaction with life.

It would undoubtedly be harmful, unhealthy and non-productive, to eternally dwell on the reality of one’s inevitable mortality; in such event, long term planning and personal aspirations, would appear to any such person, as foolish and impractical. People who fearfully live their entire lives, waiting, in readiness, outside death’s door, sacrifice all of the joy of living  and surrender themselves to insular, limited lives. Some, perhaps, seek succor and comfort, from the traditional archaic pretentions of religious dogma and spiritual fantasy. To many of those people, life on earth may be merely a preparatory precursor to something better, as promised.

Those with healthier perspective, appreciatively affirm the priceless gift of life, most especially in their understanding of its limited timespan. They enthusiastically and energetically, open themselves up to life’s virtually unlimited array of available potential for the pursuit of advancement and intelligent stimulation, and strive for personal self-fulfillment (happiness). Pursuits such as the regular reading of good literature, attendance at lectures, travel, theater, enjoyment of music, are sources of personal development, satisfaction and the pure joy of living. Additionally, very rewarding are voluntary services rendered to worthy causes. These undertakings and pursuits, make valuable use of whatever time we have allotted to us, and result in a hightened appreciation of life, and a recognition that it is indeed, a most, generous, planetary gift, for as long as alloted.





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