It is, indisputably, prudent and responsible, to require applicants for employment, regarding prestigious corporate positions or even those of lesser executive significance, like sales jobs at Walmart, or burger-flippers at McDonald’s, to initially submit to a job interview. Potential employers are understandably entitled,  [as a responsible matter, obliged], to seek to ascertain the character and the full background experience of the applicant, in order to assess his suitability for the relevant position.

It will be remembered, by many, that in the previous Republican nominating “debates,” the viewing public was presented with multiple, [“memorable”] applicants who, with the possible exception of two, revealed themselves to be, shamefully, below any reasonable or minimal standard, for the revered and historic position of the American Presidency.

We were disappointed, but perhaps, not truly surprised, that neither of the two apparently qualified candidates were selected for party nomination; instead, in our view, the least qualified and most characterologically flawed, was the successful  nominee. It may be that his “snake oil salesman’s” grandiose pitch for the economic improvement of the nation (albeit without any general plan, whatsoever, for its accomplishment) that did it.

Donald Trump’s surprising win was arguably due to: (1) an historically low regular voter turn -out, and (2) an unprecedentedly large vote by the usually non-voting, low information portion of the population, who, apparently, were  mesmerized by Trump’s unsupported demagogic “rosy” representations, (3)  both, in combination with certain nuanced features of the archaic Electoral College system.

Immediately following formal installation to office, Trump revealed himself to be an adolescent, attention-seeking conglomerate of complete ignorance and baseless confidence, arrogantly lacking moral compass or minimal grace. We have previously recounted his many acts of demonstrable ignorance, his domestic immorality and poor judgment, his daily mendacity and irresponsibly impulsive behavior. Trump’s poor judgment, here and abroad, and his outlandish behavior, have been directly  responsible for an evident and marked, loss of respect for the American Presidency.

Internationally, Trump’s ignorant reductionist behavior has debased our historic allies and frustrated our treaty agreements and the firm commitments between us and our allies, while “cozying up to our historic enemies and their autocratic leaders.  His knowledge of recent history and strategic relationships is minuscule, and stubbornly compatible with his personal penchant for reductionist analysis. He refuses to take counsel from available, knowledgeable sources, and so, has effected a dizzying array of manifestly unwise and, ultimately, dangerous, personal decisions. The counsel of Cabinet Members and  military advisers are all, egotistically, ignored in favor of Trump’s ego- driven, reductionist and transactional approach to problems, national and international; regarding which, as stated, he has little understanding or background. Because they are so significant and perilous, we list them, here under:

(1) Withdrawal of all U.S, troops from Syria. This will cause a vacuum, predictably to be filled with returning fighters, calling themselves the” Islamic State.” Additionally, the U.S. withdrawal will complicate the relative influence and inter-relationships of Russia, Turkey, Kurdistan and Israel and leave the Middle East openly vulnerable to pernicious influences.

(2) We have been advised that the U.S. is going to withdraw all of its  troops from South Korea, which, predictably, will affect the shaky relations between it and North Korea.

(3) Trump has, singlehandedly,  damaged our relations with NATO, a post World War II treaty organization, absolutely vital to the maintenance of world peace.

(4) Trump has damaged our historically friendly relationships such as  Canada and Australia, and courted historic enemies like Russia and North Korea.

It is understood, that this listing  of Trump’s most egregious, impulsive and impetuous international acts, were either, performed stubbornly, against expert advise, or (no doubt, more frequently) done without consulting the available experts. This helps to explain the many White House resignations,of late, including, no less than, the U.S. Secretary of Defense. Trump’s utter contempt for experts, we suggest, may have deep pathological underpinnings.

The enumerated international stresses, as well as the plethora of disgraceful and illegal acts of  shameful domestic misbehavior,enumerated in earlier posts, of a President of the United States. would not exist if acceptable Presidential candidates been nominated.

It strains credulity to its extreme, to contemplate a reality in which  applicants for employment as a baby sitter, hamburger flipper at McDonald’s or a shoe salesman, are required to be initially interviewed and approved, prior to consideration for employment, but not applicants for the job of President of the United States.

We are optimistically confident, that American ingenuity is capable of devising a non-partisan or bi-partisan board  (ex. past presidents, academics) to serve as disinterested interviewers.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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