Post # 313 A PROSE REDUX OF POST 312

Based upon certain interested comments on the previous post, which was a metaphysical poem, [#312], “White, The Remorseless Color”, it may conceivably, be of use to revisit its  language and intended poetic conceit. “Metaphysics,” has as its primary meaning, the fundamental nature of reality, as between  mind and matter, substance and perceptive attribution. The adjective, “Remorseless,” of course, signifies lack of guilt or regret.

We have been schooled in the notion that “white” is a legitimate color, in fact. that white, itself, is a combination (“holy marriage”) of all colors. We accept that principle on the faith of scientists who declare that they can sustain that precept  by empirical evidence.

There appears to be a universal inclination of all modern homo- sapiens to associate the subject of emotions or significant feelings, as well as the subjective character of certain events, responsible for such feelings or emotions,  with the metaphor of color.

Thus, as illustrations, “I am feeling blue,” ” I was blue in the face,”  “She was green with envy,” He proved to be yellow on the battlefield,” His anger was white hot,” “He was feeling, in  the pink,” “He was in a blue funk,”  and, “recycling is a green activity.”

It appears, then, that “white” as a fusion of all of the colors of Earth’ s palette, and that individual colors, of that palette are metaphorically symbolic for certain associated feelings and events, “white,” as the universal conglomerate of all colors, may be considered a useless adjectival indicator of anything of importance, except snow and, perhaps, clean bed sheets.




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