If, by any chance, the reader incurs some degree of disbelief, or loses some faith, regarding the extent of the sincerity of our frequently stated resolve, to refrain from comment on the subject of our modern day, adolescent Nero, it would be understandable.  It is our humble estimation that there are a great many more worthwhile subjects of interest, concerning the progress of mankind, and its  hoped-for [continued] evolution, towards a wiser and more compassionate inhabitant of the planet. We would therefore, apologize for the sporatic episodes of abandoment of such sincerely intended resolve, and hope that forgiveness, and restored  credibility, will be mercifully afforded to us, when we explain that our alarm is unresistingly broadcast at each new instance of Trump’s progressive arrogation of the unlimited powers of an Emperor, and his utter disrespect for societal law and propriety.

We will not again undertake the prodigious task of recounting Donald Trump’s lack of fitness, his bigotted statements, his attrack on the virtue of “truth,” and his derogation of responsible media, his overt purchasing of silence from call girls, his ignorant and embarrassing acts and statements, nationally and internationally, and, a great many [historically] embarrassing others,  as so often previously noted. This brief note will, however,  treat specifically of his arrogant and sociopathic distain for our American law.

Starting with his successful refusal, as President -elect, to furnish his tax returns (which, when obtained by the newly- elected democratic House of Representatives, by means of its subpoena  power, is expected to demonstrate many illegal domestic and foreign transactions, and, predictibly, a tsunami of tax violations), his repeated violations of the Constitution  (most especially, the Emolument Clause), his permitted use of the Oval Office as a shopping mall for family profit, and his direct and treasonous liason with Russia, he has consistently and confidently, acted as if he were above the law. Because of his illegal and immoral, indications of possibly treasonous behavior, a Special Commision, under the experienced direction of the capable and experienced prosecutor, Robert Mueller, has been investigating Trump’s activities, and is expected to render its long, detailed report to the Justice Department, soon.

Mr. Trump, appointed Mr. Jeffrey Sessions, to the position of U.S. Attorney General, with his (usually, ignorant) assumption that such appointment would make Sessions his personal attorney. Trump’s devious attempts to quash the public report of his misdeeds [since the investigative report is submitted to the Attorney General] was outweighed by his colossal  ignorance. The Attorney General, as every informed citizen knows, is the head of the Justice Department, the attorney for the American government and people; not the President’s personal lawyer. In any event, Sessions,  by black letter law, was required to recuse himself ( for having personal dealings with the Russian Government, a subject of the Special Investigation). This naturally, and legally, resulted in the succession by the next official in line, of the Justice Department, Rob Rosenstein.

Rob Rosenstein evinced no desire to delimit the investigation and so, Donald, the brilliant chessplayer, attempted to hire Mark Whittaker, as successor Attorney General.  However, Mr. Whittaker had previously made several publicized statements to the effect that tthe investigation was a phony “witch hunt.”  He did so, apparently, without any knowledge, whatsoever, of the facts elicited by the Special Committee from the many involved witnesses [many of which pleaded guilty, or were indicted.] In many overt ways, the tactically appointed, selected successor has shown himself  (especially, to Trump), to be biased in thematter, (in his favor) and was therefore, by Statute and ethical proscript, completely unacceptable.

We would like to highlight the etiology of our exasperation, which, as above, excited our present breach of resolve.  Mr. Trump and his sycophantic White House lawyers, cynically choosing to ignore the many evidences of conflict of interest, regarding the putative successor,  and additionally,  the vital Constitutional requirement of his prior approval by the Senate, have chosen to cite a particular Federal Statute, dealing with the replacement of vacant  federal officials.

We are indeed heartened at their sudden recognition of the existence of Statutory Law and procedure; but in this precious instance, in addition to Mr. Whittaker’s fatal disqualifications, there is no vacancy, at all, to be filled; Rob Rosenstein is and has been, legally established as the next in line, as Assistant U.S. Attorney General. It is thought to have been Trump’s Machiavellian plan, that the newly appointed Whittraker, as AG.. would fire Rob Rosenstein, who, unlike the illegally intended appointment of the successor to Sessions, demonstrated  absolutely no enthusiasm for the downplaying or shelving, of the Mueller findings.

We cannot help expressing our exasperation and anger at Trump and his loyal base, who apparently have little understanding of the American ethic, yet strive to destroy it.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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