Post # 291 “CODE BLUE”

“Code blue,” is the famous hospital alarm signal that an extreme emergency exists, in which a patient is in cardiac or pulmonary arrest, requiring a team of medical providers to rush to his specific location and immediately commence the performance of life-saving, resuscitative services.

This note is expressive of our fear that our traditionally laudable, democratic republic, is currently in such a critical condition as would, appropriately, warrant a call for a resuscitative code blue broadcasted to all rational and dedicated citizenry.  We have, most recently, been confronted with so extreme a situation that, frighteningly, the coming elections will predictably, either result in a principled affirmation of our uniquely democratic ideals of freedom and equality for all, or, otherwise, signify an unfortunate descent into the dark ages of autocratic rule.

With the [shocking] elevation of Donald J. Trump to the Oval Office, chronically perverse elements of our society, [ unfortunately present in all societies] have suddenly emerged from the shadows and into the American daylight, with requisite confidence to assert their perverse dogma, and to perform their shameful and bloody acts of sociopathic and homicidal madness. Mailed pipe bombs to prominent detractors of Donald Trump, anti-Semitic mass murder, demonization of immigrants (in a country entirely consisting of immigrants and their descendants), shootings of unarmed black youths by bigoted police, degradation and abuse of women, attacks on the free press and other American institutions, and, on a grand and disastrously immense scale, the division of our formerly strong and compatible nation, into insular, hostile camps, resulting in the weakening of our historical national solidarity and strength.

Right wing white “nationalist” hate groups have reveled in, and become heartened by, the suggestive vacuum, created by Trump’s consistent failure to responsibly address such enumerated acts of hatred, practiced by reprehensible bigots. Such shocking and unprecedented failure of responsibility by the President, added to his ignorant, reductive statements, and overt incitements to violence, have been perceived as tacit, if not express, license for action by aberrant, un- American malcontents.

Very disturbing are the actions and ignorant statements of our ignorant and adolescent, chief executive; his encouragement of violence, his mendacity, [ he disparages all inconvenient truth, and regularly uses the Nazi-like technique of the big lie]. Trump recently has publicly announced that he is a “Nationalist.” [Anyone remember the “Nationalist-Socialist Party, the” Nazis”?]

He has described the poor, hungry and bedraggled, mass of Central American families, still approximately, 1000 miles from the Mexican border, walking, in an arduous, biblical-style exodus, from existential horror, as an “invading army”; bringing with it, smallpox and other diseases, and also hiding Middle East terrorists (?).Revelatory of this insane delusion, was Trump’s ordering of U.S. combat troops to the border.

To compound Trump’s evident paranoid schizophrenia, he has stated that the invaders were financed by George Soros, a billionaire, who also happens to be Jewish. This insane assertion, was acted on by one of the madmen, right-wing lunatics, [ among those emerged into the daylight, by the election and behavior of our remarkable President] who gunned down 11 Pennsylvania Jews at prayer; the murder’s concurrent remarks were, as reported, that “all Jews should be killed”. [we have been eternally puzzled by the common, irrational and bigoted conflation, of the contentious issue of immigration, even of brown-skinned folks, and anti-Semitism].

Donald Trump needs to be  reminded of the priceless statement of Emma Lazarus, inscribed on the Statue of Liberty, standing in New York Harbor, to welcome the stranger, “…give to me your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to be free…,” and then advised to send a friendly welcoming party to warmly  greet our new Central American refugees, instead of a lethal army brigade.

[PLEASE] BE SURE TO VOTE!         -p.

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