It would appear to be both salutary and useful, amid any extended course of activity, to take a brief break, a restful and contemplative breather, in the search for perspective, and perhaps, as well, the motivation of the actor, and the effect upon the recipient of the activity. Thus, after publication of no less than 286 blogposts (inclusive of poetry), it seems appropriate to consider the purpose and nature of our activity, and to contemplate the possible (intended) effect on the reader, vis-à-vis the respective scope and purpose of this unique form of expression, first commenced approximately two years ago.

To read a novel, as compared with other forms of writing, is to visit with its author for a relatively extensive time. A skilled author of the good novel has the opportunity and print space to examine, by means of created characters and plot action, the eternal and universal human issues, played out within his manufactured situational context. He has the franchise to express his views on life and destiny, by means of the actions of his characters in their confrontation with the classic issues of life; the reader consequently, becomes subtlety, but, effectively, introduced to the persona of the author. The well written short story, much smaller in scope and print space, can be similarly described, but is portrayed on a much- abbreviated literary stage.

The essay, article or column, affords to its reader the author’s point of view, often in some depth, regarding his individually selected subject, or issue of interest. The advantage of this species of writing is in its specialization as to the subject matter treated; or as applicable, in the exposition of author’s individualized views. For this reason, articles by authors with known capabilities or recognized experience, will appear in magazines, scholarly journals or other broadly disseminated media. Such writing has great value, its utility,  discerned from the nuanced treatment of the selected subject.

If a permitted metaphor be the formal dinner, the metaphoric novel would be the entree, the essay or article, the preliminary or first course, and the blogpost, the small, tasty, appetizer or tapas. Blogposts are relatively short, informal statements on various individual subjects. There, apparently, are several diverse types of blogs including, public, private, commercial, political and public service blogs.

Our blog,, is a private (dare we, with modesty, say, “boutique?”) blog disseminated to and read, currently, by less than 1000 followers. It is digitally sent pursuant to an address list, and noted, with a terse, applicable comment, on Facebook. Approximately 200 posts have to date, been printed in small, soft cover attractive volumes; the third volume, “Reflections 111” to be printed and distributed shortly. Of course, all are free of charge; we are completely a non-commercial activity. Our avowed purpose is to encourage literacy, self-growth and self -fulfillment., as well as a natural, secular morality.

The blogpost’s primary feature is that it enables the writer to write on an unlimited array of subjects, none with the detailed depth of the article or essay but allowing to the writer the freedom to express felt sentiments on any and all subjects. This 286th post is one of approximately 275 unrelated subjects (excluding poetry). Regrettably, we do feature a [ limited] number of political posts (much against our founding intention), which we rationalize, as made necessary, by our present unusual governmental situation {we simply could not commit the sin of complete silence].

Like the function of the metaphoric appetizer, above, it is our purpose to increase the appetite for civic discourse and civic amity, to promote a true renaissance in interest in literature, art and the humanities; which are the firm building blocks of a good citizenry, and a strong, moral and compassionate society and nation. The need for the improvement, most evident in contemporary times, academically, morally and socially, is vital, as well as multifaceted and diverse; the franchise afforded by the (unfortunately) necessary reminders of our common humanity, is best expressed in short flexible, blogpost form.

We would like to thank our readers, and will earnestly continue to aspire to the production of acceptably written and readable posts.


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Retired from the practice of law'; former Editor in Chief of Law Review; Phi Beta Kappa; Poet. Essayist Literature Student and enthusiast.

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